Healthi Weight Loss Support Community: Lose Weight for Yourself, Not by Yourself.

Sunday, Sep 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

At Healthi we understand the importance of community. Changing your diet and sticking to your workout routine can be challenging. What’s more, not being surrounded by people who’ve also committed themselves to a lifestyle change, can make your journey more difficult and even a little lonely.

We get it. It’s why we created an exciting community section in the Healthi app!

What does that mean for you? It means you get to not only track your food and exercise within the app, but you also get to connect with like-minded individuals who are likely to become your new support system. We believe you can lose weight for yourself, but you don’t have to do it by yourself.


These communities are a huge resource for you and we hope, by the time you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to dive in and reap all the benefits of joining!

Read on to discover the top 3 benefits of utilizing the Healthi in-app community.

1. A Community of Support Helps You Lose Weight

We’ve all been there – It’s 6am, a time you wish didn’t exist. Your alarm starts blaring rudely, reminding you of the workout you swore to yourself you’d get out of bed and do before work and spouses and kids take over. But now it’s go time and all you’re thinking about is hitting snooze and getting another hour of sleep. We get it.

You know who else gets it? Your community, because they’ve been there too. In fact, they’re all probably doing the exact same thing this morning. But they remember they made this commitment not only to themselves, but to everyone else in your group as well.

So, rather than turn off the alarm and going back to sleep, you open your Healthi app, click over to your community and catch up on everyone’s comments since you last engaged. And just like that, you find the will to roll out of bed, throw on your workout clothes and get yourself moving.

We all need people to hold us accountable. We need a community who can help us find answers to questions that come up as we go. Wondering what low-bite recipe to whip up for a last minute dinner? Ask your group! Feeling some uncertainty about your workout routine? Talk to your group about it! Within your group, you’ll have the chance to not only have your questions answered, but to help support others by answering theirs.


Having a community to share your journey with is going to make this life change a lot more pleasant. You’ll have access to a constant exchange of ideas, advice, laughter and encouragement. You’ll have people to cheer you on when you need it most. You’ll have a private place to share pictures and videos of your milestones, as well as find motivation from others sharing their successes.

Join a group in the Healthi community and you’ll find a rock solid support system to stand by you on your weight loss journey.

2. With 6 Categories and over 20+ Groups, You’ll Find One to Fit Your Needs.

We’ve left no stone unturned when creating our Healthi communities. Want to join a group based on your Healthi plan? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a group of people from your specific age group? We’ve got that too! Brand new to this whole “weight-loss” thing and want to connect with other newbies? We’ve got a group for that. Fallen off the wagon and looking to recommit? Oh yeah, we’ve got that covered too!


Official Healthi communities are broken down into 6 categories:

  • Plans: Advice and support from others on your plan.
  • Ages: Connect with those in your same age group.
  • Food: Meal ideas for all food preferences.
  • Activity: Find your fit, no matter the activity.
  • Journey: Advice from people on a similar path.
  • Lifestyle: Connect with others with a similar path.

In addition to our official communities, you’re allowed to create your very own! If none of the official groups suit your unique needs, feel free to start a brand new community! Or, look for other member hosted groups to find a match.

Groups can be either public or private, which means you can customize yours based on what you’re most comfortable with. How great is that?

Your weight loss and fitness communities are directly on the app, making it easier than ever to find your support group without having to open social media or go to a meeting.

3. More Private than Social Media

Maybe you’re not much of a social media user (we tip our hats to you!). Maybe social media feels a little too public when you’re working toward weight loss and fitness goals. Or, perhaps you already spend more time than you’d like flipping between various social apps. We get it.

We’ve solved this dilemma with our in-app weight loss support groups. Now you’ve got everything in one place and you don’t have to worry about the total lack of privacy that is Facebook.

Think of Healthi as your total health and wellness support package. You can track what you’re eating, set weight loss and fitness goals, as well as find your community all in one place.

We hope you’ll take your weight loss journey to the next level by joining one (or several) of our community groups today! Changing your lifestyle is no easy feat. But we know with the right support, you’re beyond capable of reaching all your goals.

Already a part of our community? Contact us and tell us how it has helped support you!