Keto Fast Food Guide: Universal Tips

Monday, Jul 29, 2019 Lifestyle

Navigating fast food menus can be tricky when you’re dedicated to staying on your ketogenic diet. We can’t advocate for eating fast food ever (especially when you’re on keto), because of the array of chemicals present in all their meats, sauces, and everything in between. But, we also understand your life is hectic and sometimes, even the best-laid plans won’t keep you from finding yourself hungry, in a rush, and waiting in a fast food line, wondering what you’re going to eat without ruining your diet. The good news is, we’ve created this fast food guide to help make your life a little easier. This singular meal doesn’t have to ruin your whole day of eating! Isn’t that great news?

Keep reading over the next few days to figure out exactly what you can eat at 11 of the most popular fast food restaurants in the United States. Don’t see your restaurant on here? Fear not! You can use the basic do’s and don’ts we’ve written about here to help you maneuver any menu.

Universal Tips and Tricks

  • Stick with salads whenever possible.
  • Avoid bread, flatbreads, wraps, cookies, and chips.
  • Always get your burgers without the bun!
  • In terms of drinks, stick with water, unsweetened iced tea, or diet sodas.
  • When in doubt, avoid salad dressings and toppings (leave the croutons out!).
  • Even if a menu claims something is “sugar-free” check their nutritional guide anyway.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications!


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