More on Meal Plans!

Saturday, Mar 6, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Happy Saturday! 

We hope that wherever this blog may find you, you’re enjoying the slow-relaxed Saturday pace! Perhaps even a glimpse of Spring! There’s something about the newness in the change of seasons that’s just so exciting and motivating. It brings new weather, new activities, new hope, and maybe even some new goals. With this in mind, we know that the beginning of Spring would be a great time to roll out some more Healthi Meal Plans! 

If you missed our post yesterday, we took a DEEP deep dive into the four new meal plans! You can click HERE to read that post. If you want to take it way back to square one and learn the basics of Healthi we have two posts for you. THIS one was our introductory post to the app’s feature, and THIS one answered the most frequently asked questions about meal plans. 

Today- we’re doing just that! We’re re-exploring some of your biggest questions, comments, and concerns on the four new options and Healthi Meal Plans in general! 

Where Do I Find These Meal Plans?

This is an easy one, so we’ll answer it first! On the bottom navigation bar, in your app there should be a large green + sign. Just to the left of that + sign, there is a button that says MEAL PLANS. Click that button and BOOM you’re in! Another helpful tip is to make sure you’re in “browse meal plans”. Which is in the upper right corner of the screen.  

Are These Meal Plans on My Weight Loss Plan? 

Here’s one of our all-time favorite features of meal plans- they’re made for EVERY plan! If you don’t believe us, just try it! Check your meal plan options on your current weight loss plan, change plans then look at the meal plan page again! Poof! We think this is so cool and helpful for anyone who likes to pop into different weight loss plans weekly or monthly to keep things fresh and accurate! 

How Do I Actually DO The Meal Plan? 

Another great question. We think it’s important to mention here, in order to actually follow and interactively track a meal plan, you do have to be a PRO user. That being said, as a PRO user all you have to do is click “start meal plan” and BOOM you’re officially following it!! Of course you can always change out if you decide you like another meal plan better. 

A Few Helpful Tips: 

  • Don’t forget about the grocery list feature. 
    • Use this to plan ahead and check all of your meal plan needs off of your grocery list the first time. 
  • Share your thoughts!
    • A great way to connect with others and share your thoughts on your meal plan is through the Healthi community. It’s easier than ever to integrate your meal plan straight into a post on the community page now! 
  • It’s all in the details. 
    • Our team of nutritionists work long and hard to make sure you all have the best, most deliciously healthy meal options to choose from. Furthermore, they want to make sure that you all know exactly what it is that’s listed. If you click the “…” on the description of each meal plan you’ll be led to wonderfully written descriptions. This will help you make the decision of which meal plan is best for you! 


Last and certainly not least, be sure to check back in very soon for another exciting Meal Plan release! We can’t tell you many details other than that it will be a total crowd favorite! We hope this answers some of your most burning meal plan questions! Which one are you trying first? Or which have you already done? 

Happy Tracking!