New Meal Plans are Here!

Friday, Mar 5, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi Healthi friends! Happy Friday! 

Let’s skip straight to it- we’ve released four more Meal Plans!! If you’re confused- perhaps you should jump over to THIS blog post to learn the basics of Healthi Meal Plans! Back in January, we launched a brand new feature AND layout on the app. Sometimes, the first cut is the deepest. We wanted to give users a really easy place to get their weight loss journey started. Fail to plan- plan to fail! Thus, Healthi Meal Plans were born!

And now? Even more options! 

With the unveiling of these four new meal plans, we want to offer a small explanation/ description for each one! Are there any meal plans that you want to see next? Or- have you tried any of these yet? Comment down below!! 

7 Day Healthi Favorites Meal Plan 

The official 7-Day Healthi Favorites Meal Plan is exactly what it sounds like. We’ve compiled a plan with the most popular Healthi recipes. Hey, maybe there’s a reason to go with the grain! These recipes range from flavorful shrimp tacos to savory orange chicken to delicious and healthy pumpkin oat cookies. These recipes are tried and true and will leave you wondering how this is considered a weight loss plan!

5 Day Mediterranean Meal Plan

The Mediterranean region is known for its turquoise waters, beautiful topography and agreeable climate. Although we can’t promise to the water, islands, or climate, we can deliver recipes reminiscent of this region with this meal plan! Mediterranean food is not only delicious but typically healthy as well. 

Typical dishes will be primarily of fresh fruit & vegetables and whole grains. Healthy fats are a must (olive oil is your friend) and red meat is used sparingly in favor of heart healthy seafood (think salmon and shrimp). Mediterranean food prioritizes fresh over processed food. That being said, the foundation of your plate should be plant based, no meat based. Keep this in mind when adding to these recipes to meet your daily BITE requirement. A helpful tip: when you pick up your groceries, focus primarily on the store perimeter. This is where the majority of fresh food is found. 

5 Day Low Sugar Meal Plan 

If you’re looking to lose weight while watching your sugar intake, this could be a great plan for you! This meal plan was created with healthy, delicious, and low sugar ingredients in mind. In fact, each day on this meal plan has less than 50 grams of sugar! The trick here is to include recipes that are composed of simple ingredients that come together in tasty ways. And yes, desserts ARE included! For example, the chia seed pudding is made with only a handful of easy to pronounce ingredients; however, they combine to make a delicious dessert. 

To prevent any cravings while following a low-sugar diet, be sure to fill your place with healthy proteins. This can be grilled chicken breasts, eggs, and peanut butter. If you need to increase your dietary intake to meet your daily BITE count or to satisfy a craving, simply adding a hard boiled egg, celery, or peanut butter could do the trick. This will satisfy those pesky sugar cravings we’re all familiar with. Also, drinking a substantial amount of water will help prevent cravings. 

5 Day Basic Meal Plan

There’s nothing extraordinary about this meal plan. Sometimes, a classic breakfast muffin or chopped salad is enough to satisfy your appetite. Some of the classic dishes that you’ll find here include a warm and savory breakfast breakfast and a spicy potato burger, both of which only have 7 ingredients. Kick it up a notch by adding your favorite, low BITE condiments (think sriracha or hot sauce). These recipes may be basic, but the flavor leaves nothing to be desired. 

Remember that the key to success on any weight loss plan is to plan ahead! Start by taking a look at the associated grocery lists before you head to the grocery store. Last but not least, have fun and share your favorite recipes with your fellow community members and social followers!! 

Happy Tracking!