Our NEW Recipe Feature!

Thursday, Dec 26, 2019 | App Help

We have some exciting features for you with the newest Healthi Update v6.8! The New PRO feature contains 500,000+ RECIPES! How awesome is that?!

With this new release, we’re excited to announce the Beta version of our new digital recipes feature! Think of this as an enormous digital recipe book. These recipes will be an endless source of inspiration as you get more adventurous in the kitchen!

We wanted this newest feature to be a breeze for you to use, so we’ve built in some impressive and super easy-to-use tools.

You can utilize the “filters” section to make your search easy and stress-free. You can even search based on dietary requirements, allergies, and specific types of cuisine. Looking for a specific type of dish? You can narrow down your search even further by choosing what kind of dish you’re looking for. Simply select a category like appetizers, side dishes, desserts, breakfast or beverages. We’ve even added categories like, “Most Popular” and “Quick Dinners.” We’ve also made it easy for you to save your favorites by adding a heart icon to each recipe. All you have to do is tap the heart and your recipe will be saved for later!

As if all of that doesn’t make this easy enough, you can also see serving size, length of time to prepare, and calories in a single glance. Pretty awesome, right?

So, how are these recipes BITES counted, you ask? The answer is, by serving. Occasionally you’ll find a recipe whose serving size shows up as “1”. This means they counted the entire recipe as 1 serving. Often, when you click on a recipe, it will tell you if the meal is calculated to serve 4,6 or 8. So, you’ll want to adjust for that.

Like Voice Tracking, these recipes do not consider 0 Bite ingredients. So, the recipes are calculated on full nutritional data. Since these recipes aren’t customizable, if you come across one that contains items that should be “0,” you’ll need to put it through the Healthi Recipe Builder to get an accurate total.

This massive collection of recipes was sourced from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. As such, you may stumble upon some ingredients you don’t recognize here and there. For instance “courgette” = zucchini. If you happen upon one of these as you’re perusing through recipes, we recommend utilizing Google to clear up any ingredient confusion. Also, how fun to learn what names other cultures have for common ingredients?!

So dive on in, have fun, and be sure to take photos of the recipes you try and share them with your Healthi community! We can’t wait to see what you create.