13 Proven Weight Loss Tips for 2023 for Working Mothers

Monday, Dec 19, 2022 | Activity, Featured, Lifestyle

Being a working mother is never a walk in the park. Your personal labor is often underappreciated or overlooked, given that society dubs this to be your primary responsibility. Even if the status quo wrongfully suggests that mothers stop being complete women in the aftermath of childbirth, you do not have to give in to this mindset. 

You’re your own person, with your own goals. One of these goals is often healthy living, where you want to get rid of the pregnancy weight, but can’t seem to find the time. This guide will help you make the entire process a lot easier for yourself.


Proven Weight Loss Tips for Working Mothers

  • Avoid the negative internal dialogue
  • Set realistic goals
  • Learn how to prioritize with discipline
  • Incorporate movement or exercise earlier in the day
  • Involve your child in your daily exercise
  • Involve your friends
  • Follow a nutritious, balanced meal plan without skipping meals
  • Develop focus while eating
  • Avoid eating your child’s leftovers
  • Maintain a food journal
  • Say yes to the right kind of liquid
  • Stay consistent
  • Seek help or guidance



1. Avoid the negative internal dialogue

It’s extremely easy to fall into the trap of negative self-talk. You convince yourself that with your job, child, and countless other responsibilities, losing weight is an uphill trek in which you’re unwilling to participate. Transform that internal dialogue consciously – either by the usage of affirmations or by physically putting in the work bit by bit – so that you can master your mind.


2. Set realistic goals

Often, you end up romanticizing the past. This can happen with your body as well. You must take into consideration the fact that you’ve created life and continue to live your own in the aftermath. Your body will not be the same as it was when you were younger, or before you got pregnant. However, your body will take on a newer, healthier form, should you make healthy living a lifestyle, as opposed to making short-term weight loss your ultimate goal. This will prevent you from setting yourself up for disappointment and will allow you to also be kinder to yourself in the process. 



3. Learn how to prioritize with discipline

There’s a very good chance that you may find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of switching to a healthy lifestyle. That is understandable. However, you must also realize that this is for your holistic betterment, thereby making this a key priority. You absolutely must take some time out for yourself, and do so with great discipline, given that your well-being is vital. 


4. Incorporate movement or exercise earlier in the day

Try to get at least thirty minutes of exercise or movement daily when you begin. The easiest thing to do is to knock this out of your routine in the morning so that you’re not worrying about this throughout the day. Once you get used to this and find your groove, start challenging yourself with those movements. If you started your weight loss journey with a brisk walk, switch to jogging, or something that you genuinely enjoy, as time passes. The more fun the process is for you, the more likely you are to stick with it. Moreover, if you place emphasis on the intensity of the activity as opposed to the duration, you’re likely to see great results while saving time.




5. Involve your child in your daily exercise

Sometimes, you can’t leave your child’s side. Instead of being disheartened, involve your child in the process. Grab a yoga mat at home as your child plays in front of you, or take your child to the park when you go for your daily jog. 


6. Involve your friends

You don’t have to do this alone. You can always find a support system that gets in its daily dose of exercise together. This way, you and your friends can keep each other in check, and you’ll feel a lot more motivated, knowing that you have people to keep you company. 


7. Follow a nutritious, balanced meal plan without skipping meals

First and foremost, you must understand that skipping meals does not benefit you in any way. You’ll be lethargic due to a lack of nourishment, and you’ll be hungrier afterward, throwing any form of disciplined eating out of the window. Secondly, you can start creating balanced meal plans that incorporate whole foods, protein, and foods that are high in fiber. If this sounds like a huge task, the Healthi app takes your specifics into consideration to create a custom meal plan for you, while also providing you with fun recipes that you can try out. You also want to try to avoid processed food, sugar, and refined carbohydrates, due to the collective’s lack of nutritional benefits. 


8. Develop focus while eating

Juggling work and children is never easy. However, when you eat your food, that time must be sacred, and all yours. This is because you have to pay attention to what you’re eating, and how you’re eating it. Chewing slowly and mindfully will help fill you up, while also preventing you from overeating. You should also eliminate all forms of media during this time.  




9. Avoid eating your child’s leftovers

Parents can often make this a habit, but you absolutely should not. Every bit of food counts, and you don’t want to throw a wrench into your progress by consuming leftovers outside your decided meal plan. You can circumvent this by portioning your child’s food according to what they will definitely finish. This is a preventative measure that stops you from mindlessly grabbing a bite every now and then from your child’s leftovers, given that it can all add up.


10. Maintain a food journal

A food journal will definitely be a steadfast friend through this process, given that it will keep your progress in check. You can use it to count your calories, thereby tracking your intake, while also noting down feelings, places, and people associated with the food that you consume. This can help you identify potential patterns on which you can work. The Healthi app doubles as an exceptional food journal that does all this and more, making your life a lot easier, and streamlining the whole process. 


11. Say yes to the right kind of liquid

While staying hydrated is key, it’s also important to cut down on drinks that are doing more harm than good. Fizzy drinks and alcohol are not nutritionally beneficial, which is why you’ll have to curb your intake of the same.


12. Stay consistent

There will be many a time when you feel like you’re not seeing results, or are struggling to keep going. Take some time off if you need to, but do not give up. Work your way toward a consistent routine, and push yourself as much as you can, within healthy boundaries, to implement most, if not all, of these tips.


13. Seek help or guidance

Everybody needs support. Do not be afraid to seek it. Reach out to your friends or your support system for help, as and when you need it. Should you feel the need to consult a professional, you absolutely must do the needful.



With this guide and the Healthi App as your handy tools, step into 2023 with a vision to achieve an all-encompassing sense of well-being.