Revisiting Resolutions

Friday, Feb 4, 2022 | Activity, Featured, Lifestyle

Revisiting Resolutions

Hi all! Happy February!

Let’s all just take a moment, and a bigggggg exhale, as we officially mark January off of the calendar! That was long, was it not?? Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of December that seems to elongate the first month of the new year. Maybe it’s because most of us set a bunch of big audacious goals for January and we feel beholden to them so the days seem to drag a bit longer than usual? Who knows! Signed, sealed, delivered nonetheless!

Because we’re breaking in a new month, we wanted to take some time to revisit those pesky (or triumphant!!!) New Year’s Resolutions. Then hopefully we’ll give you some tips for crushing this second go-round. If you’re like us, you might only be coming up for air and just now ready to embark on new health and wellness goals. If that’s the case, we highly recommend THIS blog post, where we outlined the best way to set and achieve goals. In addition to THIS blog post where we talk through some of the most common (and achievable) goals that we can help you set.

As you’re revisiting (or recreating) personal goals, we’re recommending these five things. Maybe you practice one or two of these. Maybe it’s all five! Either way, we know that these tried and true practices will be imperative in reprioritizing the goals and resolutions that you want for yourself!

Write Things Down

This is one of those tips that can probably be applied to most everything in our lives, not just health and wellness goals! It’s a proven fact that putting thought down on paper can dramatically increase the probability of its success. In this instance, we think that means: write down your goal, write down your daily, weekly or monthly progress, and maybe even write down the personal thoughts that are attached to those notes. Of course if we’re talking about food, weight loss, or fitness goals- we recommend writing/ typing these things in the Healthi app! For resolutions that aren’t quite that tactical, a good ole pen and paper work wonders!

Tweak, Edit, Change

If this hasn’t been made clear, maybe through friends or social media- let us be the first people to say: YOU CAN QUIT YOUR RESOLUTION! Maybe we can even scale that back a bit: it’s also okay to CHANGE your goals or resolutions. This isn’t a sprint, people. It’s a marathon! There are no rules with resolutions. In fact, the more we tweak, edit, or change them; the more custom and personal these goals are to us! So- change your goals to make them suit your lifestyle better!

Find Accountability

This seems so simple at the surface level, but finding true honest accountability can be the gatekeeper to our resolution success or demise. If you chose an accountability partner back in January, maybe it’s time to check in and have a vulnerable conversation with that person about your goals. Maybe it’s even time for both to loop more people into your groups! Simply having someone who you share a common commitment with is such a gift in the journey of goals and resolutions.

Choose Your Reward

For some of you, you’ve already crushed your goals and you’re trying to figure out how to sustain your success or even do it over again! Even if that’s not the case, sometimes a new reward or incentive can shift your perspective to be more enticing. For example: maybe you set out to hit a step goal everyday, and you just can’t seem to get yourself in gear. Maybe you decide that if you can hit that step goal four days out of the week, you’re not going to worry yourself on the other three days. It doesn’t have to be a monetary reward, it can just be a nice mental and physical break!

Don’t Get Discouraged

Last, but certainly not least is the notion of resolution discouragement. We want to free you from any judgement or shame or disappointment from your previous goals. We know that it’s so much easier said than done, to “not get discouraged”. Important nonetheless! Remind yourself that goals and resolutions are just that… they’re theoretical! There are no rules or strict parameters. Choose objectives that make your life better, and choose to prioritize your own well being instead of numbers and comparison!

We can do this!

Stay Healthi!