Secret Benefits to Ordering Groceries

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020 | Featured, Uncategorized

Learn the Secret Benefits of Ordering Groceries

Due to the strange and unpredicted times we’ve experienced as a culture, our everyday tasks are looking a little different than they did a year or two ago. In a big way, grocery shopping is shifting. There are new protocols, different attitudes, multiple approaches, and even modern businesses forming around this “new normal”. 

Grocery delivery (or curbside pickup) is no stranger to some. However, the efficiency and attainability of it has increased greatly in recent months. Thus, making it more familiar than ever. There are some notable benefits of shopping for your groceries online such as: time and energy expended, as well as the safety and risk aversion of staying home. However, there is more that meets the eye with this modern approach. If you’re trying to shop smart in the sense of money and/ or health, then listen up! Here are five secret benefits to ordering your groceries online; a surefire way to help you rip the bandaid and make your first order!

Learn the Secret Benefits of Ordering Groceries


It’s no secret that our mind and body love consistency. We have a workout routine, morning routine, nighttime routine, skincare routine, nighttime skincare routine, the list goes on. Clearly, there is something rewarding and significant about establishing consistency in our daily lives. Why not in grocery shopping? Most apps, stores, or services have the ability to save your items and continually add them to your list when shopping. Hint hint: it also makes tracking your meals, BITES, or Calories more seamless! 



We are all far too familiar with the notion of overspending at the grocery store. “I’m JUST getting the essentials”, then walks out with three new flavors of sparkling water. Palm to forehead! In the past, there’s been a notion that grocery delivery or curbside pickup is only for the elitist, and is an unnecessary expense. Start keeping your receipts and then compare to your order invoices. Having every product option right in front of you, makes it much easier to assess price and choose accordingly. Plus, the extra items at point of purchase locations ADD UP. That entire situation is omitted with online shopping.  

Learn the Secret Benefits of Ordering Groceries


In a similar fashion, the extra treats that, somehow KNOW we were eyeing them in the aisle display and continually haunt us through the trip, ADD UP. If you’re trying to live a health conscious lifestyle, you must try grocery ordering. It’s one of the most satisfying things to choose, buy, and then use up only the best of the best stuff. Meaning, the more disciplined we are in choosing foods, the better we will eat. Stop buying bad groceries! No matter the plan you’re following; planning your grocery shopping online can be a huge assistance. No in store temptations, thus no out of plan buying. 

Learn the Secret Benefits of Ordering Groceries


A grocery run can be so much more stressful than it needs to be. Time is of the essence, dinner needs to be cooked, someone in the family has a special request for lunch the next day, you’ve never made it before, and you NEED to spend less than you did last time. It’s all too much. The pressure of a perfect trip is no more. Make an order over the course of the weekend, so you can take a true inventory of what you need. Send a text out to your family in advance so they can put their requests in early. Most services even have a “forgotten item” feature that allows you to add things almost in real time. The struggle of making healthy decisions in a store, with endless temptations (while you may or may not be hungry) can be completely alleviated.

The Joy of Cooking

Most importantly, ordering your groceries online gives you the freedom to enjoy cooking and preparing again. It’s so common to settle for subpar meals, or even choose to eat out because being in the kitchen feels like your least favorite chore. There should be something special about taking parts and turning them into a whole, for the people you love most. Let’s get back to that! 

Learn the Secret Benefits of Ordering Groceries

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding what works best for you. There is such hope and excitement in new fresh ideas and new business models. Especially those that take common pain points and turn them into great satisfaction. Whether you’re a traditionalist, a modern trend setter, or somewhere in between; I highly recommend giving grocery deliveries some attention. You never know how small changes can greatly affect your being.