Six Week Weight Loss Challenge- Week 3

Friday, Oct 30, 2020 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi Friends! Coach Lisa here!

I’m back with the third week of healthy habits to drive greater weight loss success. How are you? Is your schedule starting to be overloaded with fall activities? Is it harder to get outside and move around because of the weather? Or maybe, it’s harder to eat salads and drink smoothies as you’ve started to crave warm chilies and cozy baked goods?

Whatever your situation maybe, we know that this isn’t exactly the easiest time to lose weight. When we embarked on this six week challenge, the agreement was that it wouldn’t be filled with crazy fasting or sprinting- just simple everyday habits that can push your health and wellness journey in the right direction.


[And eat 1 meal with Chopsticks if you can]

Why? Slowing down and focusing on the food instead of our environment can make a huge difference. When we eat on autopilot, we generally consume more, in less time. So little things like eating from smaller plates, eating with smaller silverware or chopsticks, eating with our off hand… All of these things help us to change our perception and delivery of the food which can change how and how much we eat at a meal.

Eating with your off hand, like drawing or writing with your off hand, is a great way to change the focus onto our actual meal. Unless you are ambidextrous, it will be much harder to just blindly eat on autopilot this week. I think you’ll be surprised how different it is. Let me know how you get on with this exercise!

Watch my video here.

If you’re completely lost, and really have no idea what challenges that I’m talking about, you should probably start at the beginning. Week 1’s challenge was mindful eating and you can read about it here. The second week’s challenge was portion control, more specifically not eating out of the original container for most snacks. Read and watch that challenge here.

I hope this challenge finds you well on your way to greater weight loss! As always, feel free to leave any questions, comments, concerns, or encouragements below in the comments!

Come back next Friday for week 4! Halfway! Woohoo!

Happy Tracking!