Stay True to Your “Why” This Holiday Season

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

Stay True to Your “Why” This Holiday Season

Happy December everyone, Coach Delicia here! ‘Tis the season for festive celebrations, sumptuous feasts, and the subtle test of our commitment to wellness. In the whirlwind of December, maintaining focus on our weight loss journey becomes a powerful act. Join me as we unravel the art of remembering our “why” during this spirited month, with a secret weapon in tow – the transformative insights from “Atomic Habits.” Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, find your quiet corner, and let’s navigate the holiday season with vigor and purpose!


Unveiling the Power of “Atomic Habits”:

James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” isn’t just a book; it’s a roadmap to understanding the science of habits and creating lasting change. Reading it annually has become a ritual, a staple that keeps my goals in focus. Whether you’re just starting or cruising on your journey, this book has the power to ignite (or reignite) the spark of positive habits.


Why Remember Your “Why” During December?

December is a delightful but challenging month. It’s a time of joy, connection, and, let’s face it, indulgence. Staying true to your weight loss journey during this season isn’t just about maintaining your progress; it’s about reinforcing the habits that will carry you through the entire year ahead. Remembering your “why” reinforces your commitment and helps you navigate through temptations, ensuring you stay aligned with your goals. If you can conquer December, the rest of the year will be a breeze


Strategies to Infuse December with Purpose:

Define Your “Why” Clearly:
  • Take a moment to articulate why you embarked on this journey. Is it for improved health, elevated energy, or a surge in confidence? Pen it down with clarity and conviction, making it your anchor when faced with delectable temptations.
Visual Reminders:
  • Craft visual cues of your goals. Whether it’s a vision board, a note on your mirror, or a screensaver on your phone, regular glimpses of your “why” fortify your commitment.
Plan and Prep:
  • Facing the holiday season armed with a plan transforms the daunting into the manageable. Plan your meals, opt for healthier choices at gatherings, and even consider bringing a dish that aligns with your goals. Preparation is your ally.
Practice Mindful Eating:
  • Amid lavish spreads, practice mindful eating. Relish each bite, revel in the flavors, and attune yourself to your body’s hunger cues. Being present during meals thwarts mindless overindulgence.
Stay Active:
  • Don’t let the winter chill stifle your workout routine. Physical activity not only propels your weight loss goals but also elevates your mood and energy. Schedule regular exercise to stay steadfast.
Accountability Partners:
  • Share your aspirations with a friend, family member, or the ever-supportive Healthi Community. Having a confidante during testing times provides encouragement and bolsters accountability.
Celebrate Non-Scale Victories:
  • Recognize and celebrate non-scale victories. Whether it’s resisting a tempting treat or hitting a workout, these small triumphs contribute significantly to your enduring success.
Read (or Re-read) “Atomic Habits”:
  • Immerse yourself in “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. Use its insights to strengthen positive habits, break free from detrimental ones, and comprehend the potency of incremental changes.
Reflect and Reset:
  • Take a moment to reflect on your journey’s progress. What lessons have you learned, and what adjustments can propel you forward? December provides the ideal time to reset and realign.

As December unfolds with its festive magic, remember, your “why” is the North Star guiding you through the festivities. It’s the strength that will carry you through the holiday season and set the tone for a successful year ahead. And with “Atomic Habits” by your side, you have the tools to shape habits that will lead to lasting transformation. Here’s to a season of strength, resilience, and unwavering commitment to your well-being!