Staying Motivated Through The Holidays

Friday, Dec 16, 2022 | Coaches, Lifestyle

How To Stay Motivated Through The Holidays


No one is perfect in following a food plan, and we should not expect that of ourselves. There will always be an event that will throw a monkey wrench into our routine. There are always temptations and limitations, especially when we are not in control of our environment. It is unreasonable to think you can follow a food plan perfectly.

With the holidays around the corner, it is important that we remember being with family and friends, and, enjoying traditions is why we love holidays. So, don’t not fear them.

Over the years I’ve developed a few tips and tricks that help me get through the Holidays. I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learnt.

If you are not the host, bring something that is safe for you. My go to is always a vegetable platter or fruit dish.

Today, the internet and social media has made it easy to find ways to lighten up some of our favorite dishes. I have become a master at lightening up my Grandma’s favorite holiday recipes, and no one ever notices! Also, be choosy with your selections. A special food that you have only once a year is worth having over something you can have at any time.

One of the causes of slips, and I’ve been guilty of this in the past, is thinking that the day was blown after one indulgence. When this happened, I would eat everything in sight, since thought I already went over. That kind of thinking is quite common. Give yourself permission to enjoy the holidays. The key is getting back on track the next morning.

There are certain foods that we know get us in trouble. We all have that special craving, that one dish we look forward to. That knowledge is to your benefit. Have a plan. You can incorporate it into your meal accordingly, or head it off altogether. Go into the holidays with a positive mindset.

A common problem many share during the holidays is ” thinking I am bad or I am good”. There is no good or bad. Don’t feel sorry for yourself or feel guilty. These emotions almost always lead us down the wrong path. As much as you can, try and plan out the day. Most of us know what food will be served. One special and successful hack is to track your food for the day before it starts. This will give you a sense of calmness to know what you expect of yourself.

Give yourself permission to have one glass of wine or a piece of pie track it in Healthi. Life should be enjoyable and exciting. Food is only one part of it. Food is not life itself. The more you gain control over your eating, the better you will live. Take responsibility, be proactive, and persevere.

Only you can make the choice to enjoy the holiday season. Too many times we stop short of reaping the rewards because of a bump in the road. So next time you feel you may not have a “perfect day”, accept the fact that no one is perfect all the time and this is just part of a normal journey. Your goal will be determined by your own efforts and by using resources in a new way.

Author: Coach Jeri 


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