Staying on Track for the Busy Mom

Friday, Jan 22, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle

Hi friends, Coach Courtney here!

Way back when I started on the path of losing weight, my first obstacle was that I was too busy. I was working full-time, and while I only had one child when I first started, life was BUSY. Wake up, drop the baby off at daycare, work all day, pick the baby up, go home, make dinner, try to get baby to sleep, hope she wouldn’t wake up, and repeat. While things got easier as she got older it was still a task.

It took time to get my head fully in the game, but eventually, I made it work. My life has changed drastically since then, and now I have two children! Twice as busy! Whether you’re a working mom, stay at home Mom, or even a Mom that does both from time to time, these tips might make things easier for you.

First off let’s dive into trying to make YOU a priority. I know, seems impossible, right? You’re wrapped up in the daily grind of motherhood, try making yourself a priority! Even one small change in your day-to-day life can make such a difference! Try taking at least 20 minutes of time to yourself during the day or evening to write, reflect, or even meal-plan.

My next tip is one of my favorites, making lists!

Long ago I would just go to the grocery store, not a clue what I wanted to make or eat and I would just grab whatever because it looked good. The grab and go approach failed me every time. I found that if I made a list, not only was I prepared but I wasn’t just grabbing food because it looked yummy or something that was quick. Most of the time it was crazy high in calories and full of stuff I didn’t need. Making a solid shopping list not only helps with making better choices, but it saves time and money! You’re less likely to be wandering the aisles and less likely to be spending unnecessary money.

Simplifying breakfast is another great way to make this all a lot easier on you in the long run.

I often have found it much easier to just hit the drive-through for something quick on a busy morning, while it’s convenient, it’s not always friendly to the waistline. Skipping breakfast altogether doesn’t work very well either. That can lead to being extra hungry and that alone can throw off your whole day. An easy and quick option would be a protein shake or even a breakfast bar that you can just grab and go. I also like prepping breakfast ahead, there are some awesome recipes out there for make-ahead breakfast sandwiches or even egg muffins!

Speaking of making meals ahead of time, try out embracing making your meals ahead on a weekend or a day where you don’t have much going on. Cooking in bulk also and meal prepping, in general, can make things go a lot smoother during the week. Slow cooker meals are great for this!

Finally, keep your meals on schedule. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time if possible, and if it’s not possible every single day try to stay as close to it as possible. Consistency when you’re trying to lose weight is so important, even when it comes to this. Planning and consistency are key!

Life, in general, is busy, and adding in trying to lose weight, stay on track and stay healthy may seem overwhelming, and at times nearly impossible! If you can incorporate these ideas, then you’re own a great path to ultimate success!

Happy Tracking!