Staying On Track While Stuck at Home

Wednesday, Apr 1, 2020 App Help, Featured

– by Healthi Coach, Robert Williams

If you are like me, you struggle with staying on your weight loss plan when you are stuck at home. Whether it’s your day off of work, you are retired, on a “staycation”, or stuck at home right now as we all practice self isolation and social distancing.

There are a lot of hours in the day where food may creep into your mind. This can make staying on track and losing weight very difficult. So what are you supposed to do to combat this? Keep reading and find out!

As with all of my advice, my #1 tip is to remember your WHY and make a CHOICE.

If you have a powerful enough WHY, it will be easier to make the right choices in a day. Now, that is all fine and dandy, but you do need a plan of action in order to stick to these choices because discipline is hard without a plan and a routine. This is where you grab a pen and paper and follow along with me.

First things first, you need to think of things you want to do in order to keep yourself occupied. What do you want to do today? Or tomorrow? Or the next day? Write down things you want to do. Is there a project around the house that needs to be done? Some painting? Some reorganizing? I bet your refrigerator could use a good cleaning! Maybe its time to start a hobby. Try out sewing, crafting, painting, writing, origami, fencing, gardening, or any number of things you have always wanted to try.

After you have written down those things, think of more leisurely things you want to do. That TV show or movie you have been meaning to watch, those books you have been wanting to read, or what about getting some vitamin D from the sun out in your backyard?

Lastly lets throw in some social activity. Now, you may not be able to go over to a friend’s house due to self isolation and social distancing , but you know what you can do to socialize? Let me list a few: Text, Call, Write a snail mail letter, Skype, FaceTime (or other video chat), Facebook Message, Instagram Message, or even an online video game interaction.

So, now you have a list of all the things you want and or need to do. The next step is simply scheduling all of the things you have written down. Write down the time you want to do each thing, giving yourself a little wriggle room in case something is fun and you want to do it longer. Make sure to work in a time slot for exercise and for meals. Doesn’t that seem easy?

This has really helped me keep a handle on being stuck at home.

Controlling what is controllable is key to having success on our weight loss journeys. Who knew there was so much you can do when you have nothing to do??


– Coach Robert