Sugar Smart Q&A with Hibah the Foodie

Monday, Dec 28, 2020 | Featured

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

If you’ve ever spent anytime on the Healthi Instagram you’ll have no problem recognizing our narrator today. Hibah has been a brand ambassador for us for a few years now, and she is nothing short of a kitchen wiz!! She is currently following the Sugar Smart weight loss plan, so we dubbed her the perfect person to answer all of your SS questions!

Take it away Hibah! 

What made you start following this plan?

It all started because I tried multiple other apps and programs and wasn’t feeling committed to any because they either changed up their plan or it wasn’t working for my lifestyle. Once I found Healthi I read up on all the plans available and fell in love with Sugar Smart.

What has it helped you the most with? Do you feel like it helps you eat less sugar without feeling deprived?

It has helped me with portion control. It has definitely helped me eat less sugar but still get my sweet tooth fix!

How would you compare this plan to Carb Conscious? What about Keto?

I honestly can’t compare. I tried Carb Conscious for a month and decided it wasn’t for me. I’ve never ever tried keto. The beauty of Healthi is that there is literally something for everyone!

What types of sugar does this plan omit? What types of foods fit this plan the best?

I’ve never felt that this plan omitted any kind of sugar completely. I still eat all of the things I love but I’m much better with portions and listening to my body because of this plan. I love fruits and veggies and almost all are zero bites on this plan!

Should we focus on BITEs or Calories or macros?

It depends on what works for you! I love focusing on BITEs, but I enjoy having the calorie bar there as a second metric.

Favorite Sugar Smart friendly breakfast recipes?

Oh my goodness! I have so many saved on my Instagram page! Make sure you check out my new page @hibahthefoodie. But to list a few I love veggies omelettes, frittatas, & breakfast sandwiches most!

Best family friendly meal that is low in Sugar Smart BITES?

Oh again, I have so many I love and make shared on my page! @hibahthefoodie. We love pot roast, baked chicken and potatoes, zucchini boats, the list is endless!

We hope this interview was helpful in guiding the best possible weight loss plan for you. In case you missed it, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions for most weight loss plans. Find Keeping Keto HERE, Better Balance HERE, Carb Conscious HERE, Calorie Command HERE, and even our guide to accomplishing Whole30 HERE! You guessed it! Conquer Cravings is up next!

Happy Tracking!