The Art of the Snack

Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi friends! Coach Jeri here to talk about SNACKS!

Who doesn’t love a good snack? Personally, I need snacks to break up my day. As a borderline type 2 diabetic I have found eating every couple of hours keeps my blood sugar steady. However, I know many people that prefer to have just the 3 meals a day and that is fine if that is what works for you. For you snackers, let’s explore the art of the snack!

For most people the word “snack” usually does not mean healthy. We think of chips, something sweet and or crunchy. Those types of foods can get us into trouble! We use it to reward or punish ourselves and when we slip the excuses are abundant. Using food to fuel emotional hunger gives us another reason to give up. When we choose to add snacks into our food plan we have to think of new ways to incorporate them in a healthy safe manner just like our meals. 

Change always comes slow but it is part of growth. I remember a few years back when fruit became zero BITES. I was not a fruit eater! Why would I waste 2 BITES on a banana when I could have a 2 BITE cookie? I have learned that one cookie leads to 3 and so on and so forth. It was hard to make the adjustment but, now I realize that for the same BITES I could eat more nutritious satisfying foods. I had to be willing to rethink what a snack is. 

It is also important to find snacks you enjoy. If you are eating a carrot and celery sticks for snack and not enjoying it, think: what could change it up? How about adding some hummus or plain yogurt with onion soup for a dip? Healthier eating doesn’t mean not enjoying your food. My one weakness has always been ice cream. With Yasso and Enlightened bars, I can have my ice cream and not feel deprived. 

Over the years I changed my thinking on what a snack is. I found ways to enjoy healthy foods and not feel deprived. Losing and keeping the weight off requires change of life long habits. There is no plan that allows you to eat all your favorite foods and never gain weight. 

We will always have to be aware of what snacks are dangerous and which will keep us satisfied and focused. So when you want to add a snack into your program ask yourself, “am I willing to explore healthier options instead of the ones that get me in trouble?”.  

Happy Tracking!