The Healthi Digital Food Scale

Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022 | Featured, Lifestyle

Healthi Food Scale

Hi Healthi Friends!

We hope you’ve loved shopping at the brand new Healthi Shop! In case you missed it, Healthi has officially launched an online store, filled with fun and resourceful weight loss products. You can read more about the opening of the Healthi Shop HERE and HERE. As we continue to upload new products into the shop, we thought it would be helpful to zoom in on some of our products individually. Today, we’re talking about the Healthi Digital Food Scale and why we KNOW that this product is a MVP weight loss tool that you NEED.

We know that most of our beloved Healthi community is well versed in weight loss “tips and tricks” (if there are such things). Nevertheless, we wanted to share why it is that we’ve dubbed a food scale as an essential kitchen tool for a successful weight loss journey. We all know that keeping track of your food intake can lead to a more intentional diet and discipline, which of course can lead to achieving certain weight loss goals. That is the beauty of Healthi- is it not? We take the guesswork and pain points out of food tracking!

Healthi is great for many many reasons. We make food tracking fast and simple. Our app is pretty and easy to use. We have great community support. Our weight loss plans are inclusive and realistic to follow. We even do all of the math for you, to determine how much you should aim to eat, in order to reach a certain weight by a certain date. The one thing that we can’t control, however… the accuracy of what you eat and track. Unfortunately, we can’t jump out of your phone and yell “hey!! You didn’t track this accurately!”. Our app is only as accurate as we, as users, allow it to be.

Enter: The Digital Food Scale

The hard truth is that we often underestimate the portion sizes of foods and drinks that we actually take in. Weighing your food, instead of measuring with our eyes or instinct, is proven to be a more accurate method. Yes, it adds a step to your current cooking and preparation routine; but the results of successful weight loss are surely worth the extra few seconds

When considering the Healthi Shop and what we wanted to sell. A quick, small, accurate, digital food scale became an immediate crowd favorite and got top boxed rather quickly. When evaluating your health and wellness journey, we implore you to consider the Healthi Digital Food Scale. We KNOW that your weight loss efforts will thank you!

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Healthi Digital Scale