The Healthi Shop Spring Drop

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2022 | Featured, Lifestyle

Let’s start off by saying THANK YOU for your patience, as we’ve been teasing this product drop for a lonnnggg time. We are so very excited to announce the next line of fun and inspiring items. We actually dreamed up all of these items back when we designed our first line (which you can read all about HERE). But, through the holiday season stress, United States supply chain issues, and well… just life in general- this release took a little bit more TLC than expected.

It was an overwhelming majority of the beloved Healthi community that wanted what you all called “Healthi Swag”! So swagged, we did! We’re so pumped to introduce to you the Healthi Lifestyle Cap, The Classic Healthi Tee, and the Inspirational Healthi Tee! We wanted to give all of our members a way to proudly represent your selfcare journey and of course promote your favorite mobile app- simultaneously!


What kind of health and wellness brand would we be if we didn’t sell several different types of water bottles? We know that proper hydration is absolutely essential to a weight loss endeavor. That’s why we created the Healthi Half Gallon Bottle. Most health experts agree that 64 fluid ounces is the optimal amount of water that we should all be drinking. Enter: this fun, pretty, and motivational tool!

60z water bottle

A soon-to-be Healthi fan favorite: the Reusable Storage Bags are the meal planner’s new best friend! Plan, store, and divide up your food into this more sustainable, baggie option. The silicon material is perfectly sealed up top with a plastic slider bar. Both pieces can easily be washed and reused. Sold in a set of 5 bags. Practicing sustainability AND organization is now easier than ever.


Our Getting Started Box has been a huge hit! Everyone is loving the small bento boxes. We decided to crank it up a notch! Plan, store, and divvy up your foods in this classic Glass Lunch Box. It’s perfectly sized for a healthy yet moderate portion of food. While keeping it optimally stored for peak freshness. Atop of the storage container is a small rubber vent option and a stored eating utensil. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe for the utmost convenience.


What else do you want to see the Healthi Shop sell? We’ve got tons of fun plans up our sleeves, but we’re always open to suggestions! Comment your ideas below! Also… what are you buying first?? Tell us, please!