The New Keeping Keto Plan Is Here!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

We are so proud to announce the launch of our newest addition to the Healthi programs, Keeping Keto.

Our Keeping Keto program is based on the hugely popular ketogenic diet. This is a high-fat, very low-carb diet that focuses on drastically reducing carbs that are absorbed by the body, called “net-carbs,” and replacing them with fat in order to lower blood sugar, reduce insulin levels and shift your metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and ketones.The Keeping Keto weight loss program sets the macro allowances at:

  • Fat = 70%
  • Net Carbs = 5%
  • Protein = 25%.

As you can see in the screenshot below, when selecting Keeping Keto, your main odometer on the tracking screen will record your daily Calories, and your secondary metrics will show your Macros for Fat, Net Carbs and Protein.


So … the first big question – Is Keto Right for You?

If you’ve tried other weight loss methods and have had little success, it might be worth giving Keeping Keto a try. Keeping Keto wont give the same feeling of deprivation that other diets do because you’re eating foods that are more filling. With Keeping Keto you’re not focusing so much on a decrease in calories like in high-carb diets, which will give you steadier, more consistent energy.

If your body struggles to break down carbs/sugars, Keeping Keto might make your weight loss journey easier. And, if you have type 2 diabetes, Keeping Keto may help improve/regulate your blood sugar levels.

A few tips for succeeding with Keeping Keto:
1. Plan ahead and commit – To be successful with this, or any other plan, commitment is key! And part of being committed is making the time and effort to plan your meals ahead. Waiting until your lunch break to think about lunch is setting yourself up to struggle. Set yourself up for success and plan out your days macros and meals!

2. Drink plenty of water – a ketogenic diet can make it easier to become dehydrated as you may also lose more electrolytes than usual. Drink water regularly throughout the day and ensure you stay hydrated.

3. Plan for an adjustment period – Often when people are starting a ketogenic diet for the first time, they’ll go through a short adjustment period referred to as the “keto flu” where they’ll feel tired, have brain fog, feel irritable, nauseous, have headaches and possibly insomnia. This is totally normal and temporary! It is simply your body adjusting to this significantly new way you’re asking it to function. The good news is, you’ll likely only go through this once. If you fall off the diet for a few days, you are unlikely to experience the same symptoms when you get back on it again.

4. Understand your cholesterol levels – The ketogenic prioritizes the consumption of higher amounts of saturated fat. Which means a keto diet may cause a temporary rise in your LDL cholesterol levels. Most people see them level out over time. It is important to have your cholesterol checked regularly if you decide to transition to a ketogenic lifestyle.

5. We are with you on your journey – Healthi will be sharing some fantastic and easy keto recipes to you help kick off your new lifestyle in the most delicious way.

We’ve even created a group dedicated to Keeping Keto in the Community section of the Healthi app, where you can talk about your journey with other members doing Keeping Keto!

Lastly, we do want to identify a few risks, because like all weight loss programs, there are aspects to be aware of. If you have existing liver or kidney problems, you will want to heed caution. On the ketogenic diet, the liver will have a lot of fat to process and it could worsen any existing liver conditions.

The kidneys will have a higher amount of protein to process and the keto diet could overload them. It’s important to have your liver and kidneys checked before starting keto, to make sure they are healthy and you don’t have any underlying issues.

It is important to note, the keto diet is more serious than the average diet, because you’re changing the way your body is functioning on a cellular level.

We strongly recommend consulting with your physician before starting this diet.

To try Keeping Keto, open the Healthi app, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Weight Loss Plan’ > ‘Weight Loss Plan’ and select Keeping Keto.