The Power of Meetings

Friday, Mar 18, 2022 | Coaches, Lifestyle

The Power of Meetings

Hi all! Healthi Coach Jeri here!

I wanted to take some time to discuss the benefit of the member meeting experience. For background: two years ago, our beloved Community Manager, Jordan Chops, started a weekly Facebook Live event on the Healthi Facebook page. He would tell us about his weight loss journey and then source the viewers for their stories, questions, or even success stories! Now, he continues those every week, Coach Brianna has her own weekly live check in with her fans, Coach Ben and Coach Mary do a weekly video on YouTube as a motivational tool, and the Healthi Talks podcast is available on most platforms and it has tons of resourceful episodes. Last, but certainly not least, Healthi has a whole new concept called Member Meetings that happen about 4 times a week! This is run by some of the other coaches, and it’s hosted on EventBrite. This is a more “direct to consumer” one-on-one type of meeting approach. You can find out more details and get tickets for an upcoming meeting HERE.

Anyways… WHY are these live events, podcasts, or member meetings a thing? Are they necessary to your weight loss? Does it even matter in the long run? As a veteran weight loser, I am here to tell you that meetings are the dark horse, unexpected key to success!

Finding a good eating plan is only half the battle. There are millions of food plans that work. What many find difficult is learning to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is not filled with deprivation, guilt, and up and down struggles. The benefits of group support may make a significant difference. Members in a meeting setting may find more inspiration and support than they would from a doctor, family member, or friend.

Most of us experience the feeling of loneliness when trying to “diet”, but in a group of people that have the same experience; we may be able to accomplish a goal of permanent weight loss knowing others are in the same boat. Discovering you are not alone, that others have experienced the same issues, and that there is support and understanding is so so important.

I remember hearing that others hid food and snuck down at night to raid the refrigerator. I immediately thought to myself, “You mean others did this TOO??”. You discover in the groups that others have the same eating problems and they feel free to discuss it in a group of other people that have the same issues. And now you know you are not alone or crazy or hopeless. I mean… isn’t that what we all want in the midst of a big life change like weight loss… hope?

The meetings also provide inspiration. Those that have succeeded and can share their journey. This is how you learn to accept help and open up. Success stories and love of sharing what helped them and giving advice freely with understanding helps the group. Soon you will be the one helping those that are just starting.

We know the power of meetings and how they can help. We understand how sharing can inspire others. All food plans work but having group inspiration can keep you sticking to the plan. If you feel that a meeting would give you the hope and guidance you need, why not try our meetings? Check out our coaches and see which one you connect with. Groups may not be for everyone but overall most find a benefit. Every week another topic is discussed with member sharing. There is strength in numbers and accepting help and listening to others is the first step towards acceptance that you are not alone. We are here for you!!!