The Temptation of Overeating at Events

Monday, Apr 5, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi Coach Jeri here! 

As we begin to gather together more, this year, there will be a heavy temptation to eat more than we should at events. Spring is upon us and that means families get together and there will be lots of good food, most of which may not be on par with our meal plan or daily BITE allotment. For many of us holidays can be full of anxiety. We’re worried about how we can enjoy the traditions and not upset the host, while also avoid the daunting possibility of overeating. 

Here are some basic tips for standing your ground in the wake of parties and social gatherings. 

If you are really determined not to regain an ounce during the holidays, you can offer to bring an appetizer or dessert that you made yourself. This is beneficial for multiple reasons! You’re helping the host, as well as helping and serving yourself! Use the Healthi recipe archive to find something yummy yet BITE friendly. I learned a long time ago not to tell anyone it is a “healthy” dish. You’ll be surprised at how many people try and enjoy your dish without even knowing its health benefits. 

Each holiday brings its own special memory, to which food is usually associated. For me, I need to have my stuffing and apple pie on Thanksgiving, and BBQ on July Fourth. I only have those things once a year and will pass on the other treats, just for my favorites. What’s special about your Easter or Passover table? Which food do you only have at that holiday? 

Make a plan! Pretty much every holiday we have the same dishes. Figure out which ones you really want the most, or have the most significance to you. Then change your attitude about having them. Consider it success to enjoy your favorite holiday meals rather than failure. Set boundaries on size rather than the food itself. Sometimes we convince ourselves into negative thinking. We think that it’s the absolute end of the world if we gain weight during a holiday. Not true!!

Go into your holiday dinner and enjoy what is going on around you. Your family, your health, your future in a slimmer body. Then give yourself the most precious gift: hope. Hope that this time it will be different, you will leave the holiday table filled with a positive attitude and not guilt. Ask yourself, “can I enjoy the holiday without overeating and gaining weight? What am I considering to be successful at the end of this weekend?”. 

At the end of the day, a meal or dish or even just a food does not define you. Nor does it define your health and wellness journey. Reconsider your feelings on holiday foods and gatherings, and have enough confidence in yourself to let your body guide your decisions. 

Happy Spring and Happy Tracking!