The Wonders of Walking

Friday, Sep 11, 2020 | Featured

Here we are, finally (slowly but surely) getting back out and about. After about seven months of being homebodies, we are finally spreading our wings a little bit- how freeing! Read that again and really process how far we’ve come. One of the most impressive things about our time in quarantine, is that as a society, we used the time to be more creative than ever. Complex problem solving is one of the cornerstones of creativity, and boy did we problem solve. 

One of the most loved pastimes we rediscovered were neighborhood walks. They’ve always been available. They were always liked. But gosh, I’m not sure we would’ve made it without them, lately! The life giving act of moving around your neighborhood and truly taking in your surroundings, works wonders on the mind, body, and soul. A lot of us adopted this habit early on in quarantine. If you’re not one of them- fear not! It’s not too late. Actually it’s the perfect time to start getting out and taking walks (safely of course). Based on our own experience, here are four reasons why walks work wonders. 

Moving and Grooving 

Your body needs to move. In the past, we could get away with not intentionally walking because we walked around the office, walked our kids to school, walked from your desk to the cafe next door for lunch, and so on and so forth. One day, we’ll do those things again. But for now, we don’t all have those luxuries. An active experience, accompanied by something new or special (like music) stimulates personal growth and accomplishment. 

No Blue-light Glasses Needed

Screen time. Might just be the bane of our existence in 2020. We need it to work, interact, and educate our kids. Nonetheless, it’s a complex relationship. It’s a slippery slope in how much time we spend on screens versus how much time we allow our kids to spend. An easy way to get away from the screens all together? A walk!! For you and for your family!

Walkie Talkie 

There’s something about physical activity that just instantly makes us feel more productive. So if you’re not the type to just walk and reflect, that’s totally okay! You can use this time to put in your headphones and make the call to your friends or family that you haven’t been very good at keeping up with as of late. 

Let’s Take This Outside

Household tensions may or may not be higher than ever. Take it outside! Grab the roommate or family member that you feel some qualms with and hit the sidewalk. Active confrontation is so crucial and arguably easier than face to face. It’s in-person, without the intimidation of physically sitting across from them and maintaining awkward eye contact. 

All in all, walks work wonders! Take one on your lunch break. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual. Make it a family tradition after dinner. Anyway you choose to fit it into your routine, we highly recommend that you do. Walking is known to not only be crucial to your health and wellness, but also boost productivity. A win win!!