Thriving Through the Holidays: Encouragement & Motivation

Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

Thriving Through the Holidays: Encouragement & Motivation

Hello everyone, Coach Jeri here! I’m sending a note of encouragement to all my Healthi Friends this holiday season! December brings a whirlwind of office parties, family gatherings, and endless parades of tempting foods. While the season may come with its stresses of shopping, decorating, and socializing, it’s crucial to gift yourself the precious present of positive thinking. Believe in your ability to navigate this stressful time successfully. There might be things beyond your control, but your reactions are within your power. Don’t let minor setbacks hinder your success. Remember, being on track not only benefits you physically but also boosts your mental well-being when approached with a positive mindset. Use this guide of encouragement and motivation to help you get through the stresses of the holiday season.


Proactive Planning and Positive Choices

The temptations will be undeniable. Many of the foods might not align with your plan, causing some anxiety. If you’re determined not to gain an ounce during the holidays, proactive planning is key. Decide which foods you’ll indulge in, watch portions, and track. Identify the dishes you’re looking forward to and those you can pass up. Set boundaries on size rather than restricting specific foods and give yourself permission. Consider pre-tracking; for those who journal, jot down your expectations before an event. Stress levels significantly decrease when you’re prepared. If stress creeps in at an event, reach out to the community for quick positive feedback.


Positive Self-Communication and Community Support

Train yourself to react positively through self-communication. Talk to yourself, be prepared, and expect success instead of failure. The Healthi Community is a wonderful source of encouragement as well. Talking with people who have been, or are currently, in your situation can have a positive impact on your thoughts and your journey. Reevaluate why staying on track is important to you during the holidays. Project the image of what you want to focus on, keeping it simple and attainable.


Perfection isn’t the expectation, given the limitations in a holiday environment. Remember, being with family and friends is what matters most. Enjoy the holidays; life should be enjoyable and exciting, with food being just one part of it. The more control you gain over your eating and choices, the better you’ll feel. Take responsibility, be proactive, and persevere. The choice to enjoy the holidays is yours. Approach this living plan for better health with a positive attitude and a well-thought-out plan to reinforce your motivation and stay on the right track.