Tips and Tricks for Being Menu-Wise When Eating Out

Sunday, Apr 2, 2023 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

Dining Out does not have to be a challenge or filled with anxiety. When we are home, its easy to control ingredients and portion sizes, but rest assured there are plenty of ways to socialize and enjoy meals away from home, without compromising your food plan.

Good planning can make all the difference. Being prepared can lessen the stress and anxiety, so you can enjoy the meal out. There are many strategies that can help make your restaurant experience program friendly. To enjoy dining out without compromising your food plan, it’s important to be prepared and use some savvy tips.

  1. Check online menus before leaving to find food choices that fit your plan.
  2. If you feel a restaurant is not suitable for you, suggest another one. For instance, if it is a buffet style you may feel more comfortable ordering from a menu
  3. Avoid sugary drinks, which are loaded with calories and BITES.
  4. Read menu descriptions carefully to identify items that are fried or contain heavy sauces.
  5. Look for calorie counts on the menu to make more informed decisions.
  6. Be proactive by asking for substitutions, such as vegetables instead of french fries or grilled instead of fried food.
  7. Choose a go-to dish that you know is safe.
  8. If you want bread, skip pasta, potatoes or rice to avoid carb overload.
  9. Share appetizers and desserts instead of ordering individual portions.
  10. Be aware that some healthy-sounding foods may not be the best choices, such as salads with high calorie counts.
  11. Opt for simple meals with fewer ingredients, which are usually healthier choices.
  12. Always ask for dressing on the side with a soup spoon and choose clear dressings instead of thick, creamy ones.
  13. Take half of the huge portions served at some restaurants home to have for lunch the next day.

By planning ahead, making smart choices, and being assertive, you can look forward too, and enjoy dining!
Bon Appétit!