Understanding the Difference between BITES and Calories

Friday, Feb 12, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Coach Jeri here, to discuss one of the most common concerns: why calories and BITES don’t match up

This question is one we see all the time on the community page and in Facebook groups. One of the great things about the Healthi app is the ability to pick one program and have a second metric so you can gain insight into your eating habits. Knowledge is power! 

Calorie Command (basic calorie counting) is one of the food plans on the app, and has been around forever. We have all heard the basic philosophy, “Less daily calories equals weight loss”. For the most part that is true. By counting and limiting the amount of calories, you will see a change! However, in this type of plan, you will have to take into account every BITE. Meaning that there are no zero-BITE foods. Not even fruits, vegetables or grains, etc. 

The other plans on the app work a little differently. They take into account the nutrition of that food. Through the full nutritional values of the foods, the BITE counts are derived. In other words, the entire nutritional label is looked at and valued. This will give you insight into what types of foods you are eating. 

So many foods are loaded with sugar which is a problem for many of us. Everyone loves something sweet. It’s a good filler and it’s cheap. Even no-sweet, processed foods are loaded with sugar. 

Better Balance and Sugar Smart take sugar into the formula that determines the BITE count. On these plans Sugar and Fat will raise the BITE count. For example: a slice of pizza may only be 350 calories but 12 BITES on those plans. You can see that you will lose a good chunk of BITES in your day, but may have calories still. 

The formula for Carb Conscious is similar, but instead of sugar it takes into account carbs and fiber. A 100 calorie food may be 5 BITES. Inversely, a banana will be zero BITES but 80 calories. These plans are geared to making better choices. The idea is to choose the banana over a cookie that may have the same calories. 

Conquer Cravings has a bit of a different formula but the idea is the same. Lower BITES for healthier foods. Every day you are trying to eat for health and grow as an individual. The knowledge of what is in these foods will guide you to better choices. 

One of the problems we, overeaters, have is that we eat without looking.  Without really knowing what we are putting into our mouths. So often we hear the question “why do I have left over calories, but not any BITES?”. Through the info above, we know it’s because BITES and calories are not equal. 

Think of the second metric as giving you additional information. In order to help you pay attention to the quality, not just quantity of the food you are eating. I hope this is helpful for you in your weight loss journey. Whether you opt for BITES or calorie counting, it’s the effort that matters. Just remember, when all else fails… listen to your body! 

Happy Tracking!