Weekend Reading- Back to the Basics/ A January Refresh

Saturday, Jan 16, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi friends! 

Wow! Big breath! January is officially halfway over! Not sure about you all, but we sort of already need a little brain refresh? Maybe the turn of the year is more mentally exhausting than we remember? Perhaps we’re just hyper aware of our mental and physical state because we just did a big January refresh? Maybe we just want to get out of the house for awhile!? Either way- let’s let today serve as a mini reset that we call- back to the basics! 

Here’s what we were thinking, what if for the rest of the month we do mornings differently? If you find yourself struggling with time management in the mornings, we recommend adding just 15 minutes. Read THIS BLOG POST on becoming a morning person. Or, perhaps mornings are a lost cause? How about we add a 15 minute cushion to your evening routine? Either way, let’s make a promise to ourselves that we’re going to live a little bit more intentionally for the second half of January! 

Basic Refresh Equation: 

  1. Think of/ journal one thing that you’re looking forward to. 

  2. List five people in your life that you are thankful for. 

  3. Acknowledge one accomplishment from yesterday that you are proud of. 

  4. Admit one thing you like about the way you look. 

  5. Have an intention for the day. 

That’s it! That’s the challenge. It’s barely a challenge, we know. Think of it as a gift to yourself that will pay forward ten fold to the others around you. After all, you can’t pour out while you’re on empty. Take some time to fill your tank this weekend. 

If you’ve strayed away from the Healthi blog, here is what’s been happening as of late. Yesterday, Coach Lisa wrote a great article on conquering weight loss when you’re dealing with health complications. Read that HERE. Coach Stefanie wrote a really informative post on modified fruits and vegetables last week. Find that HERE. We’ve gotten a ton of new users, viewers, followers, friends, etc etc lately! In an effort to cater to all of our community, new and old, we publish a write up on what we believe to be the BEST weight loss plan. Click HERE to read. 

That’s all folks. Thanks for spending your Saturday with us! If you start this refresh practice, let us know how it goes! We’re always checking the comments below! 

Happy Tracking!