Weekend Reading: Healthi Blog as of Late

Saturday, Jul 17, 2021 | Lifestyle

Happy weekend everyone!

If you’re taking it slow this Saturday- maybe relaxing after a long week and doing some light reading, settle in with us and enjoy our special ‘as of late’ blog! There’s been a whole lot going on over here at Healthi and we want to make sure you’ve covered the best of it. From endless holiday festivities, to fitness and health challenges- it’s been non-stop these past few months. We sure have had fun so far, and hope you have too!

With July still in full swing- and with weather that seems to just keep heating up- we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite seasonal challenges, meals, and series! It’s never too late to go back and give these a try! Let’s take a look. 

Summer Hydration Challenge

The topic we should still be thinking about ALL summer long: WATER! We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, but seriously, the health benefits of making it a life habit will really stick with you. In this blog, Ambassador Brianna sets us up for a hydration challenge that will help us keep water top of mind, and not just for the season. Try it out HERE and just feel the difference in mind and body!

One Time Cook Summer Meal Prep

We all have our questions, challenges, and personal preferences when it comes to meal prepping. In this video, our ambassador Brianna takes us through a really simple, delicious one-cook meal prep for an entire week of meals- perfect for those starting out, or anyone who’s just looking to try something new! Check it out here: One-Time Cook Summer Meal Prep.

Coach Kim’s Summer Workout Series

During summer it seems that we all have that itch to get moving. Not only in travel, but in exercise too! Break an extra sweat with our very own Coach Kim, who has curated the perfect series of workouts for us all to try from home! Find those here:

  1. Coach Kim’s 5-Minute Mobility Workout- Week 1
  2. Coach Kim’s 8 Minute Resistance Band Workout- Week 2
  3. Coach Kim’s at Home Chair Workout- Week 3
  4. Coach Kim’s at Home Cardio 40/20 Workout- Week 4
  5. Coach Kim’s at Home Kickboxing Workout- Week 5

Summer Salad Ideas

Salads are a summer classic! Super refreshing, light and tasty. And it’s easy to make our salads filling and full of delicious ingredients, while feeling like we’re eating something completely different every night. In this blog, Coach Lisa takes us through how she plans and preps for a super salad dinner each night. With a mix of canned, frozen, and fresh ingredients, the possibilities are truly endless! Give it a try HERE.


We hope these articles have helped to kickstart your weekend and have given you some ideas to try out in the coming week or sometime soon! In the meantime, we’re working on some more exciting things that will soon come your way. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks for reading in!