Weekend Reading: Kitchen Refreshing

Saturday, Feb 6, 2021 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi friends! And happy Saturday!! We love sharing small little tidbits with you on weekends. Weekends are so refreshing. Even though we’re all at home a little bit more than we would probably like, there is still joy to find. One of the easiest ways to spark more joy in your weekends at home is a small refresh! Here are our five best tidy kitchen tips. 

Clear Counters

Nothing clears the mind and resets the soul better than clear space. Same goes for the kitchen. Clear, clean counters are key for sparking a new joy in your kitchen. Bonus points if you pick up the stationary counter pieces and wipe the counters underneath them! 

Scented All Purpose Spray

Speaking of wiping counters- nothing sparks more joy than a fresh new scent! Opt for a scented all purpose cleaner the next time you’re picking some up. Some of our favorites include lavender and lemon! Keep the kitchen scent, kitchen-y! Opt for something that you may find in the produce section just as well!

Bare Necessities

If you’re looking for ways to clear the mind and counter space, consider your needs versus your wants. Do you actually use the blender everyday? If not, store it up and away for a while in order to empty up some valuable countertop real estate! Opening up your counters can make way for a whole new perspective on your kitchen! Who knows, maybe you’ll even try a new recipe now!

Pantry Re-Org

It’s no secret that a reorganization of your pantry is one of best ways to grow a new appreciation for your space! We actually wrote a blog post this fall about a helpful way to stock your favorite pantry go-to’s. Read that HERE. You never know, you might find new things that you totally forgot you had! 

Fresh Flowers 

It’s almost a no brainer that adding fresh flowers to your kitchen will brighten the space and lighten the mood. Start adding a small inexpensive bouquet of flowers to your grocery list every other week, and watch the room dazzle! 

We’re wishing you a happy happy Saturday! If you’ve been following along previously, you’ll know that on Monday’s we’ve been releasing bulk grocery buying posts! Week three is coming up soon! What else do you all like to read about on Saturdays? Drop some ideas down below! 

Happy Tracking!