Weekend Reading: The Importance of Non Scale Victories

Saturday, Nov 21, 2020 | Featured, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Let’s Talk about Winning

More often than not, it’s a good idea to determine what “success” is when embarking on a new project. Maybe it’s a house renovation. Perhaps it’s trying your hand at an herb garden. Maybe it’s just a new iteration of a cauliflower dish. No matter the adventure, it’s good to have an end goal. The caveat being the small victories that we achieve in the journey. Perhaps discovering how to even cut a cauliflower, for example.They’re usually unplanned, but satisfying nonetheless.

Weight-loss and dieting are no different! 

The wonderful Healthi Community has coined the term “Non Scale Victories” or #NSV for short. And we couldn’t love it anymore. Just like anything, it is so important to appreciate small wins. Isn’t a big win just a bunch of small victories combined all together, anyway? 

In a health journey it can look like this: 

You set a weight loss goal of – 45 pounds. You decide to start eating better, keeping track of your carb intake, and going on more walks. After two weeks, you’re not seeing a difference on the scale, even though you’ve been disciplined in all of the areas you wanted to be. THAT is still success! You made the change- you track you food! You’re eating better! You’re exercising! Those are non-scale victories! 

Having a little bit of extra room in that sweater you’ve always filled out. #NSV

Deciding to chop your hair off because you feel a new found confidence. #NSV

Being able to climb on your roof for the first time in a few years to hang Christmas lights. #NSV

Reaching for the fruit cup instead of pudding out of sheer desire not obligation. #NSV

Get it? 

We write this to you today as we embark on the holiday season, not as a coincidence. As we enter the time of sweets and breads and casseroles it’s important to be very intentional with goal setting. Is it realistic to say that every single thing you eat this week is going to be sugar free? Probably not. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try at all! \

Reframe your mindset to honest tracking, mindful eating, and competitive indulgences. Achieve at least one of those things and call it a win!! Or a #NSV! 

We love hearing your stories and examples of Non Scale Victories. Have you all heard of this already?? What’s your favorite small win you’ve experienced? Tell us below in the comments!!