Weight Loss Refresh

Monday, Apr 12, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi friends! Coach Stefanie

You may be excited because you finally feel like you have a good routine down. But then the scale stops moving and you wonder: What am I doing wrong? It is easy to get frustrated when you seem to be doing everything right but your weight isn’t moving. I went through this for almost 2 years!

At the beginning of your weight loss journey, you’re motivated and the pounds drop quickly. You feel better, try new things and are excited about this journey. But then the routine sets in and while some routine is good, it can also make it tougher for us to continue this path. While we want this to be a permanent life change, I think it is good to do a refresh every once in a while. And now is the perfect time- I always see spring time as a great time to change it up. The sun is out for longer and I generally feel more energized.

Here are a few of my favorite things to try to “spice things up”:

Try a new plan

You might feel like you know your plan well so why would you change? For that exact reason: you know your plan well. You likely have started eyeballing your measurements and getting more lax about measuring and tracking everything as the plan becomes routine. Trying a different plan can be a great way to get fresh eyes on your meals. And, because the plans focus on slightly different metrics, it might even encourage you to try new foods and recipes that you avoided before. Switching to a different plan can make your weight loss journey new and exciting again instead of a routine thing you do. It challenges
you to think about your food, try new things and take a closer look at what you’re consuming.

Start a new exercise regimen

Now is the perfect time to start exercising. The sun is out longer but the temperatures aren’t so high that it is unbearable to be outside. I personally have started taking my dog for a long walk each weekend. My dog loves it and it is the perfect excuse for me to move more and soak up that sunshine! Many of us struggle during the winter season and feel more energized once the sun comes out more, so harness that extra energy to finally start exercising. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, anything that gets you moving and out of your chair is a step in the right direction. Find something that you enjoy so you will stick to it!


Try a meal plan

Did you know Healthi has come out with a new Meal plan feature? These are great for those starting out on their journeys but also for those of us who want to try something new. I love seeing what others eat and get inspired by it. I have found some of my favorite recipes and staple foods this way. Whether you give the whole 7 day meal plan a try or just pick and choose some meals to try from it, try eating in a different way than you normally do. It will refresh your taste buds and make your body happy since different foods contain
different nutrients.


Join a challenge

Both the new year and the spring are known for people starting challenges. During the new year, people often want to change drastically and during the spring the upcoming summer and swimsuit season encourages many to start a challenge. So, get together with a group of friends and coworkers and create your own challenge! From exercise to losing a certain amount of weight or just encouraging healthy behaviors, there is something to be said about some friendly competition to keep you on track! Some ideas for fun challenges are daily walking goals, meeting your 8 glasses of water per day or even participating in the 65 Hard challenge where you have to meet a list of challenges or start your 65 days all over again that is currently going around.

No matter what you do, consider changing things up a bit and turning your weight loss routine into a new adventure. This will help you keep going in the long run and might even help you through a plateau!