Whole30 Follow-Up with Amber and Sasha

Saturday, Dec 26, 2020 | Featured

A few weeks ago our brand ambassador, Amber, wrote a blog post on the general premise of “what is Whole30?”. You all resounded with excitement, interest and questions! Good, helpful questions! Thankfully, Amber has actually done three FULL rounds of Whole30! In the midst of completing this detox, she made friends with Whole30 certified coach, Sasha Rashid! 

They were kind and generous enough to take about ten more of your questions and answer them/ chat about them in a video conference for us specifically!! You all submitted these comments and concerns though a question box that we posted last week on Instagram! Amber takes the position of moderator, and Sasha answers, with Amber’s thoughts and experiences sprinkled throughout as well! Enjoy! Be sure to follow Amber and Sasha on social! 

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Can you just explain Whole30 in layman’s terms? 

It is a 30 day elimination or reset in your body. So it can be anything that can be risky for your body. So you’ll spend 30 days eliminating some of the most problematic foods. Or what seems to be the most commonly problematic foods for people. This will consist of dairy, legumes, alcohol, corn, sugar, any type of added sugar. It’ll also include additives- like MSG. It also includes 30 days of not stepping on the scale. For 30 days we omit all of those things. Then it all comes full circle as we slowly introduce all of these foods again. The best part of this whole thing is that slow reintroduction that explains a lot of how we react to things! You can eat all of the fruits and vegetables that you want! This is also a mental reset- we see a lot of brain fog and tiredness solved from this “experiment”. 

What made you want to even try this? Was it weight-loss?

Not weight loss at all- but more of the reset, the elimination. Once you go through this you really see how and why you react to certain foods. Scientifically we crave things that have bad makeup. I had tons of stomach issues. Through a few rounds of Whole30, I found that I’m not only gluten intolerant but was also diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Which not only led to some relief and a future sustainable diet, but also self advocacy for how and what I put into my body. 

How many times have you done Whole30? How would you compare each time? 

My first time was in 2013 and that was when you weren’t allowed to have white potatoes. And I’m very picky! The first time I did it I only ate about 5 things. I struggled with boredom and craving the things I left out rather than enjoying the reset. I felt fine and I completed the days, but the reintroduction process wasn’t quite as significant because I was so eager to eat more diverse things again. Of course there weren’t nearly as many commercial products surrounding Whole30 as there are now, either. Since then I’ve done about 5 0r 6 full rounds of Whole30 with multiple mini resets sprinkled within them. 

When do you think is the best time to start Whole30? 

ANYTIME! January and September are definitely the most popular, but truly it’s all about your preference. Check your calendar and make sure you don’t have any life altering events happening for 30 consecutive days. You don’t necessarily want to deprive yourself from things that are special to you. Like your own wedding for example; that would be a hard thing to accomplish in the midst of the elimination period. 

How do you track it? 

Well, in overarching terms, Whole30 was written with the intention of not tracking your food. The is to sort of figure out what is “good” and “bad” for your body the old fashion way- through feeling. However, the original writer of Whole30 actually has since come out with a meal plan and food notebook in order to sort of log your intake, your activity, your feelings, your hunger, etc. So, that’s exactly where Healthi fits into this equation. The footnote being, again, that this really isn’t something to take on with an intention of weight-loss, rather than the experiment in it of itself. Maybe a day that you’re feeling extra hungry, you realized through tracking that you only had an egg and a piece of bacon. So there you go- you can now adjust accordingly. Rather than leaving it up to guessing and temptations. 

How hard is this to do as a vegetarian? 

Obviously meat is allowed as long as it doesn’t have any additives. Finding protein that you love is a huge key to Whole30 success. So, it’s definitely tougher as a vegetarian, because even tofu is out. If you allow yourself eggs, nuts, and fish then yes, you should definitely be able to make Whole30 work for you. But again, hard if you’ve omitted those things beforehand. 

Can diabetics do this? 

Absolutely! Always check w your medical professional first. That’s with anyone. But we have coaches who cater to diabetics specifically. They’ll work with you and your doctors to lower your medication through your diet accordingly. So yes, absolutely diabetics can do Whole30!

What days during the Whole30 were the hardest for you? 

The beginning- days 1-3 you’re kind of riding the high of new recipes and grocery hauls. After day 3 and into day 4 the Whole30 community calls it the “kill all the things” phase. This is when all of the withdrawals sort of take full affect. You can experience some digestive issues, mood swings, breakouts, etc. All a part of the said experiment. If you can make over the ten day (give or take) hill, you should be set up for twenty days of success. You’ll find yourself in a rhythm of decision making that feels more natural. 

(Amber) I actually think the last ten days are the hardest. I’m always so tired of chopping- like it seems as if that’s all I ever do- is chop! And I tend to lose excitement and creativity in cooking so I end up going to Chipotle, like a lot. 

Yes! Definitely lean on Whole30 approved restaurants when you’re in a lull. It’s tempting to feel guilty automatically when you eat out, but truly- don’t! If it’s Whole30, eat it! No shame in who or where it’s from! 

What are your tips for perseverance? 

Definitely knowing your “why”. I always tell my clients to write it down before they even start so that they can always refer back to it when times get tough. Secondly, just remember that it’s thirty days! The point of this whole cleanse is not to deprive you of things you like forever. It’s simply to reset your body. You can do anything for 30 days! I’ve seen millions of people do it when they say that they can’t. So can you!!

As always, be sure to leave any questions or comments below! Make sure to follow both of these awesome ladies for more Whole30 and general health and wellness guidance! Click HERE to read Amber’s first post on Whole30!! IS anyone thinking of doing Whole30 in the new year? If so, Amber might be back for a check in!