Why Stress is the No.1 Enemy to Building a Healthy Life

Monday, Mar 27, 2023 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

When we try to build a healthier life, stress becomes our number one enemy. It causes Members to falter and is the most common reason for nervousness, lack of sleep, irritability, inability to concentrate, and upsets our routine. In the past, stress symptoms led us into old habits of overeating and not sticking to our weight loss plans, causing guilt to set in. However, we need to deal with stress differently to avoid slipping back into those habits.

Life events such as the death or serious illness of a family member, marital problems, moving, financial difficulties, and hectic children schedules can cause stress, and it’s essential to recognize them as such. During high-stress times, the only thing we can control is our food. We must not postpone eating healthy until all issues are resolved, as it only leads to feeling more depressed. We must strive to do the best we can under the circumstances and learn to say no when necessary.

When disruptions to our routine happen, we must put food into perspective. It will not solve our problems, make a sick person better, save a marriage, or put more money in the checking account. We must plan, plan, plan and give ourselves a break if we are not perfect. It’s crucial to lighten up our schedule and reach out to friends, family, and the community, talk it out, and do the best we can. Tracking our progress can also be helpful, reading blogs and posts when we have a minute to calm ourselves down. Above all, it’s vital to ensure that we are getting enough sleep and fluids.

No one has a stress-free life, so we must be prepared for the next phone call that will disrupt our routine. We must recognize what throws us off track and listen to our feelings instead of eating them away. It’s not easy to change, but we must free ourselves from the idea that we can only follow a healthy plan when our environment is stress-free. We must think positively about ourselves and our ability to handle what comes, and we will be able to deal with anything. Our goals are what keep us centered, whether our world is thrown off track or not. We must hold them close to us, remember why we are doing this, and be there in mind and spirit for ourselves and those who need us.