Zero BITE Foods for Autumn

Friday, Aug 28, 2020 | Featured, Uncategorized

As temperatures begin to drop (in most places), we’re getting giddy at the thought of fall! There is something fresh and exciting about the change of seasons. Autumn is usually associated with things like pumpkin spice lattes, caramel desserts, new sports seasons, and cozy sweaters. We’ve rounded up a list of foods that have us feeling all warm and fuzzy with the turn of the leaves. All of which are widely beneficial to your health and wellness journey. Interchanging your typical warm weather meals for something more seasonal is a fun and unexpected way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet!


Something about a crisp red apple, just screams fall. Of course we’ve all heard the old adage about eating an apple a day. Although that might be a bit of a stretch, it’s no exaggeration that apples are packed with vitamins that your body needs. Whether the winds have changed in your area, or it’s still a whopping 90 degrees, adding apples to your grocery list is sure to put you in the mood for fall. 

Beans/ Lentils 

There is just something about beans and lentils that feels like home. They’re warm and cozy. They’re easy to just have cooking while you enjoy your friends or family around you. Eating these alone is a great way to feel full and satisfied. However, beans and lentils are also a great addition to almost any warm meal. 


Cauliflower is arguably the most flexible vegetable in existence (Did you catch our Instagram joke today??)! There are endless ways to transform it. Because temperatures are slowly dropping, it’d be a fun seasonal change to try and roast your cauliflower. Again, this can be center stage or a side dish. 


Although mushrooms are usually available throughout the entire year, they seem to just scream FALL. They’re high in vitamins and proteins, as well as unique flavor. Just like most yummy vegetables, they don’t need a whole lot of work in the kitchen, but can be manipulated into so many great iterations. 


These almost just go without saying. Dessert, main course, side dish, coffee flavor, you name it! Today, thankfully, you don’t even have to dig out your own pumpkin goodness. Produce companies have made incredible progress in the accessibility of great pumpkin chunks and puree. It’s easier than ever to reap the taste and health benefits of pumpkins!


Another age-old classic, turned into endless new opportunities! Of course there are several different types of squash. Usually in the fall, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, and acorn squash are the favorites. Squash is a really unique food, and if interested, you can read more here about the different varieties.

Whatever your meal plan or diet of choice is, all of these classic fall foods should comply. Again, there’s just something special about the change of seasons. Out with the hot and in with the new. 

As promised, we have an announcement! Every week for the month of September, we’ll be releasing fall recipes for every meal plan! Typically these recipes are restricted to Pro Plan Healthi users, but we are now releasing some of the shining stars for everyone to see and download! Which meal plan do y’all want to see first? What are some of your favorite fall foods and meals? 

Check back next week for our first recipe!