Our 11 Top Tips To Lose 20 Pounds In 2023 For Working Mothers

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2023 | Activity, Featured, Lifestyle

If you’re a working mom, you know the struggle is real when it comes to finding time for exercise and healthy habits. Between your job, your family, and everything else on your to-do list, it can feel like there’s just no time left for you. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of 11 tips to help you lose those 20 pounds in 2023, even if you’re short on time and energy:


Table of Contents:

  1. Make Exercise a Priority
  2. Set Realistic Goals
  3. Schedule Your Workouts
  4. Get Enough Sleep
  5. Find a Diet That Works for You
  6. Take Healthy Snacks with You
  7. Exercise During Your Lunch Break
  8. Treat Your Body Well
  9. Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes
  10. Find a Workout Buddy
  11. Keep Going


1. Make Exercise a Priority:

As a working mom, you know all about the importance of scheduling – and your workouts are no exception. Make sure to set aside time for healthy eating and other commitments as well, because trust us, there’s never a shortage of things vying for your attention. And if all else fails, schedule a personal trainer to help keep you on track. A little extra motivation never hurt anyone!


2. Set Realistic Goals:

When it comes to losing weight, it’s important to set realistic goals for yourself. No one has time to run a marathon every day while juggling a full-time job and a family, so don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. Instead, try focusing on small, achievable goals like fitting into that pair of jeans you’ve been holding onto since college because that’s still a much more attainable goal than running a marathon! Try focusing on smaller goals instead of the bigger picture. If you have a lot to lose, focus on five or ten pounds at a time. Achieving these goals is much more attainable, and will give you the confidence boost you need to keep going when you reach them!


3. Schedule Your Workouts:

Making a schedule for your workouts is key to staying on track. Block off time in your calendar to make it a priority, and don’t be afraid to bribe yourself with a post-workout treat to get through it. And if you have trouble marking off the time in between work, childcare, and housework, consider setting up an alarm reminder on your phone or computer. Try setting your alarm to work out early in the morning. Getting your activity done before you start your day not only gives you that energy boost you may need but also lets you get it done and focus on your day instead of worrying about when to fit your workout in. Just try to make it something that isn’t easily erased or ignored – set it just before bedtime so it will wake you up early enough to get moving if necessary!


4. Get Enough Sleep:

Getting enough sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight, and as a working mom, you know that finding time for shut-eye can be a challenge. Sleep deprivation is not only bad for your health but can lead to less-than-ideal food choices when you’re too sleepy to cook. Try going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night (8-10 if you’re over 65). Or, if all else fails, just take a nap whenever and wherever you can. Your co-workers will just think you’re extra dedicated to your job!


5. Find a Diet That Works for You:

There are a ton of different diets out there, and the key is finding one that works for your lifestyle and is something you can stick to. So go ahead and give the Mediterranean diet a try, or maybe you would enjoy a Whole Foods approach.. The most important thing is finding a diet that suits your needs and fits into your busy schedule as a working mom. But if you’re struggling to find the perfect diet that works for you, turn to Healthi for its personalized meal plans, nutrition guidance, and a ton of tasty, healthy recipes to try. It takes the guesswork out of meal planning and helps you stay on track with your weight loss goals. So go ahead and give it a try – it’s like having a personal nutritionist in your pocket (without the hefty price tag).


6. Take Healthy Snacks with You:

Healthy snacks are a great way to keep your energy up and your metabolism moving, and they’re especially important for busy moms on the go. You can make your own healthy snacks at home, or you can buy them at the grocery store. Just be sure to keep portions small so you don’t overdo it. Try making pre-portioned snack bags to bring along, filled with nutritious things like nuts, fruits, whole grain crackers, or even a protein bar.


7. Exercise During Your Lunch Break:

Use your lunch break to take a walk or run – it’ll give you some much-needed alone time and help clear your head from all the mom-brain fog. Plus, it’s a great way to get some fresh air and get your heart rate up.


8. Treat Your Body Well:

As a working mom, you know that taking care of yourself can sometimes fall to the bottom of your to-do list. But it’s important to remember that self-care is not a luxury – it’s a necessity! And that includes eating a healthy diet. Now, we’re not saying you have to give up all your favorite foods (we love pizza just as much as the next person), but try to incorporate some healthy options into your meals as well. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats are all important components of a balanced diet. And if all else fails, just remember that avocados go with pretty much everything. They’re like the duct tape of the food world. So go ahead and treat yourself – you deserve it!


9. Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes:

Don’t just go on a diet – try to make lasting lifestyle changes. It’s not always easy, but trust us, it’s worth it in the long run (and so is that second slice of pizza). Eat more fruits and vegetables, go for a walk during your lunch break, and find ways to incorporate exercise into your day. Cutting out whole food groups and not allowing yourself to eat (in moderation) the foods you love can just set you up for failure. Incorporate new, lighter versions of the food you love. These small changes will add up over time and help you reach your weight loss goals without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.


10. Find a Workout Buddy:

Find a workout buddy to motivate and support you. Having someone to work out with can make all the difference when it comes to sticking to your fitness goals. Plus, it’s always more fun to motivate each other through a  tough workout!


11. Keep Going:

Don’t get discouraged – losing weight and improving your health takes time and dedication. But don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for all the progress you’ve made so far. Every little bit counts, and you’re doing an amazing job as a working mom. Keep at it and you will see results!


Well, there you have it – our 11 top tips for losing 20 pounds in 2023 if you’re a busy working mom! We know it’s not always easy to find time for exercise and healthy habits, but trust us, it’s worth it in the long run. And remember, every little bit counts, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Just keep at it and you will see progress. Now go forth and conquer working moms – you got this!+3+6