15 proven weight loss tips for 2023 for women over 30

Tuesday, Dec 13, 2022 | Activity, Featured, Lifestyle

Losing weight as a woman over 30 can seem like an absolute pain – but it doesn’t have to be. While you may no longer have the body of a 20-year-old woman, this new chapter in your life opens up the avenue to explore and adore a new facet of your health. With a few proven weight loss tips that actually double as a gateway to holistic, healthy living, you’ll be well on your way to crushing it on this journey.



Proven Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 30

  • Make time
  • Set achievable, measurable goals
  • Inculcate a shift in your mindset
  • Check off exercising earlier in the day
  • Include motivating factors during your workout
  • Develop a relationship with your food
  • Say no to fad diets and yes to balanced meal plans
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Avoid your family’s leftovers
  • Practice smart snacking
  • Track your progress
  • Stay hydrated the right way
  • Fix your sleep schedule
  • Keep your stress in check
  • Stay consistent


1. Make time

You have to make sure that you treat this as a priority. There will be plenty of reasons to avoid switching to a healthier lifestyle. You could be busy with family and work, while also juggling personal issues that are of the utmost importance. However, your health takes precedence, given that it is deeply connected to your personhood. Don’t think of this as an option toward which you can meander. Prioritize, with discipline, and understand that you will be holding yourself accountable. 


2. Set achievable, measurable goals

Once you’ve decided that you’re definitely beginning your weight loss journey in a disciplined manner, it’s also important to be realistic. Your body may not respond to meals and exercises the way it used to, and that’s completely fine. Be strict, but also reserve a great deal of kindness for yourself in the process. If you’re confused, you can use the Healthi app as a guide. The app will take your specifics into consideration, churning out custom plans, and showing you better food choices, while also giving you the opportunity to connect with others on their journey to stay motivated. 


3. Inculcate a shift in your mindset

You’re not going to want to get into this solely for aesthetics. It’s a tempting goal, but it’s one that will fall short, given that you’re making a lifestyle out of these changes. You will have to have a conversation with yourself that allows you to comprehend that the path you’re about to take is not temporary – it will become your way of life – and a highly beneficial one at that. 


4. Check off exercising earlier in the day

With everything that you’re already dealing with, you’re probably too busy to make time during the day to get in any strength training or cardio. Make time for this earlier in the day, and ensure that you’re doing both. These workouts will help in boosting stamina, while also inducing physical changes that leave you feeling stronger, fitter, and more active overall. Moreover, knocking your workout off earlier is a great start to the day, and you don’t have to keep worrying about getting it done while you’re busy multitasking. 


5. Include motivating factors during your workout

Worried about your child while working out? Involve them. You’ve probably already seen videos of mothers working out on Instagram while their children walk around on camera. Additionally, if you feel like you need to involve your partner, or a group of friends, do it! You’ll have people with you to keep you going, and you can all be pillars of accountability for one another. 




6. Develop a relationship with your food

It is highly recommended and advantageous to be mindful while consuming your food. Chew slowly, without any distractions so that you feel fuller, and do not overeat. In addition to this, cook food at home, if you can. You can always meal prep in advance, weighing and measuring items in quantities that are necessary. Another helpful habit is to go shopping with a list of exactly what you need, while also reading the labels so that you know what you’re putting into your system. 


7. Say no to fad diets and yes to balanced meal plans

Fad diets have been forsaken by many, proving to either be beneficial on a short-term basis or even harmful, in other cases. Instead, incorporate a balance of whole foods, protein, and high-fiber food items, while avoiding sugars, refined carbohydrates, and processed food. Even a 100-calorie processed snack bar can throw off your meal plan. If you’re confused about what to eat, the Healthi app gives you a tailor-made meal plan, while also assigning a BITE value to various food items, thereby showing you better, more nutritious options. 


8. Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals does not equate to weight loss. You’ll be lethargic due to a lack of nutrition, thus impacting your day-to-day activities. Moreover, you’ll lose muscle mass, and most of the weight you’ll have potentially shed will find its way back to you once you stop skipping meals. 


9. Avoid your family’s leftovers

If you’re used to finishing off your child’s or partner’s leftovers, that’s a habit of which you’re going to have to let go. As mentioned before, the smallest bits can add up and throw your balanced meal plan off track. 


10. Practice smart snacking

Swap out your unhealthy snacks for more nutritious ones. For example, you can snack on popcorn instead of chips, or use Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt. Fruits and nuts can double as delicious snacks as well.  



11. Track your progress

The advancements in technology now allow you to be able to track your progress easily. The Healthi app can double as your personal food journal, wherein you can add details pertaining to your intake, calorie count, emotional responses throughout the journey, and daily activity. This will help you identify key areas that need work, while also showing you what you’re doing right. 


12. Stay hydrated the right way

Drink water religiously, but try to stay away from fizzy drinks, juices, and even alcohol. While water fills you up and is pretty much essential, these other liquids can lead to weight gain without providing any nutritional value. 


13. Fix your sleep schedule

Not getting enough sleep can impact your hormones, thereby disrupting the regulation of your appetite. Furthermore, this has a dire effect on your energy levels, thereby becoming an obstacle to your decision-making process. This makes it harder for you to make better choices and set yourself up for success. You absolutely must get enough shut-eye in order to prevent this. 


14. Keep your stress in check

Stress can lead to emotional eating, and that’s something you want to avoid. Incorporate yoga or meditation into your routine, or use your journal to log in your thoughts, in order to get a better handle on your stress. 


15. Stay consistent

All of this can sound daunting and even impossible. As intimidating as it is, all of this is potentially achievable. You have to remember that while you’re practicing the art of discipline, you’re also learning to be patient with yourself and your body. Showing yourself some empathy throughout the process will go a long way. 




Let this guide be your gateway to healthy living in 2023. Ring in the new year with a new outlook, and work your way up till it becomes your way of life. We’ve seen millions of users lose weight with Healthi and we are rooting for you as well.