3 Rules to Follow for Weight Loss Success

Friday, Apr 24, 2020 | Featured

Author: Nicole Stangeland

As I approach 80 lbs of weight loss, the question I am asked most frequently is what’s the secret? I tell them I follow 3 simple rules.

1. Preparation is key — that’s why it’s #1!


Not only do you need to be “prepared” for the day or week but you need to “prepare” your food. It’s kind of a 2 for 1. So, I am prepared by having daily meals planned and groceries for the daily meals. I research recipes and tweak them to be “prepared” by me with lower bites in foods I still love. So that is my preparation process.

2. Portion


MEASURE and WEIGH everything. At first this will be annoying and daunting. Literally though – the key to success. I have kidded myself for far too long by eyeballing portions and wondering where my success was hiding! I was trying hard wasn’t I? I can try all I want but my body doesn’t lie. I have 4 sets of measuring cups and measuring spoons and my trusty old food scale that comes camping and travelling with me. If it isn’t weighed or measured it doesn’t go past these lips! Bites, Licks and Tastes (BLT’s) add up quickly!


3. Tracking


Everything that crosses my lips is tracked. I pre-track my day, then I see where I can make changes. Maybe more mashed potatoes with dinner? Dessert? Another ounce of cheese? Maybe instead of 2 Tbsp of cream in my coffee, I only use 1 Tbsp because then I can have sour cream with that potato. It’s all about being accountable and that’s what tracking is for. We can all quickly eat that handful of chocolate chips and not track it, never thinking of it again BUT our body knows — the scale will show it! If you are honest with yourself and track everything, it’s much easier to go over your plan and see where you can tweak things to change them.


People are blown away by the concept of these rules! No pills? No magic serums? Just 3 rules? Yes, I reply, If you follow these 3 little rules I promise you success in your journey!