5 Ways To Stay On Track When Your Family Eats Unhealthy

Friday, Sep 18, 2020 | Uncategorized

Coach Courtney Brown here!

You’re ready to start, you have your app, your grocery list, a plan in place, and the right mindset to boot. It is time to start your journey! There’s just one problem, one very minor detail: your family isn’t on board. Whether it be your partner who really likes to go out for fast food, or you have kids and they dislike everything that is green or potentially healthy! Perish the thought they would consume a tomato!

Having a solid support system on your personal journey will only help aid in your achievement of success. Many of us aren’t always lucky to have all hands on deck when it comes to starting a journey. Personally, this is my exact issue. I’ve managed to lose weight with 2 children that dislike veggies, and a spouse that can consume anything and not gain one pound!

Here are some tips that have helped me continue to succeed in tracking and staying accountable on my journey:

  1. Find healthier alternatives. When I first started my journey I stopped eating red meat almost completely. My kids love cheeseburgers so I decided to switch the regular beef patty for ground turkey. I didn’t make them aware that I was making this change, they didn’t even notice the difference! Fat-free cheese was also the other addition to creating alternatives for this family favorite. My husband noticed right away the difference but now prefers ground turkey as opposed to beef these days. Research alternatives to regular unhealthy foods, I promise they are out there! This will help slowly introduce them to a healthier way of living.


  1. Prepare meals together! Since my husband tends to work odd hours we usually end up eating well after the kids go to bed. Our nightly ritual is to prepare meals together. We usually talk during the day about some ideas, usually, I’m on Pinterest the majority of the afternoon looking for something to prepare that is healthy but is also hearty. Meal prep together makes things more fun, brings the family together, and keeps you on track and accountable.


  1. Take a Break, but be accountable! Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that may create a potential for going over calories or bites, and the potential for not being accountable which can create the infamous ‘starting over today’ cycle. Everything you eat doesn’t have to always be the most healthy or nutrient-filled thing in the world. If your family has a taco night, or pizza night once a week you can still participate! You can either buy your own ingredients to make a low bite or low-calorie alternative for you, or you can eat what the family is eating and embrace portion control. What I love about is Healthi is that nothing is off-limits! Track it and move on! I have always loved the phrase “Everything in moderation!”


  1. When all fails, social networking is your friend! The two former things only work for me for so long. Eventually, they revert back to their ways, they’re on board with me for a bit, but the support isn’t something I heavily I rely on. Social Networking has been a blessing to me while I’ve been on my weight-loss journey! ITrackBites Community is a great place to start! Everyone is on the same journey regardless of the plan and is always so supportive no matter where you are in your journey. There are numerous weight-loss support groups on Facebook. If you use Instagram there are an endless amount of very inspiring posts from people like you on their own journeys!


  1. Focus on you! Don’t shame your family members for not being on the wagon with you! When they are ready they will come around. Keep yourself on track by being accountable. Stay positive and focused, the rest will all fall into place. Above all else, never give up and love yourself. 

I hope these tips are as helpful for your family, as they were for mine. Have you found any tried and true method to get your family on board? Anything that never works? I’d love to know!

Happy Tracking!