A 5 Day September Meal Plan

Saturday, Sep 18, 2021 | App Help, Lifestyle

Happy Saturday, all!

In honor of our recent September Reset, we thought it would be fun to start publishing a new set Healthi official meal plans! Starting today, we’ll be sharing new iterations of our official meal plans on the app, in hopes of making health and tracking journey, simpler. If you want to catch up on the details of the September Reset you can click HERE. In short, it’s 25 days of consistent food tracking. Again, we thought it would helpful and encouraging if you, the tracker, got to take the guess work out of tracking your meals for those 25 days.

In our first September Meal plan, we’re partnering up with two of our brand ambassadors to bring you five days worth of meals that will perfectly transition you from summer to fall! You’ll recognize some of the meals listed, as they’ve been created for us through our awesome “In the Kitchen” series on Instagram!

If you’d like to see the meal plan at a glance, simply scroll down to see each day separated out on a save-able card. If you’d like to view the plan within the app, simply click HERE.