An Olympic Charcuterie Board

Saturday, Jul 31, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle

Happy Saturday, all!

If you’re anything like us, here at Healthi, you’ve just been stuck in front of the TV for the last few nights, inhaling the Tokyo Olympics! We LOVE the Olympics! There are so many great stories, both of success and defeat. In a health and wellness perspective, these athletes are an inspiration, in every sense of the word! And we just can’t stop watching them!

If your weekend plans include Soccer, Volleyball, and preliminary Track and Field (or any other event for that matter)… we have the perfect post for you today! We challenged our Marketing team to craft a snack board worthy of a gold medal, and BOY did they deliver.

Here is how we created an Olympic Charcuterie board, with basic grocery store items!

We started with a basic wooden board, some small handy items, and a trip to Trader Joes. There, we bought basic cheese board components. We grabbed LOTS of fruit (more on that later), a box of assorted crackers, several soft cheeses, a deli meat variety pack, trail mix, fruit preserves, and yes- some small flowers.

Now in regards to the fruit, we did a little bit of premeditated planning, before hitting the produce section. We knew we wanted to create the Olympic rings, which are differentiated by color. An epiphany hit us, and we realized that we could make the Olympic rings with colored fruit, looped together with pipe cleaners. We made a note to look for small fruits in the colors of black, blue, red, yellow, and green. Voila!

The handy items that we made sure to include in the board were the game changer in turning this board from bronze to gold. Mostly left over from Fourth of July events, we themed this board not only around the Olympics, but around America specially. Here are the items we used to create the theme: small American flags, mini American flags, pipe cleaners and star shaped cookie-cutters.

Last but not least, we assembled the board. We thought it would be fun to first create a normal looking cheese board, before transforming it into the patriotic spread. Although an inedible addition, the small flowers added a certain playfulness to the board. Simply cutting stars in the cheese, adding some flags, and laying the rings on top, gave the board a podium worthy facelift!

Unfortunately, we don’t really know the BITE counts for all of these items. We do know that all of it in moderation, won’t break your BITE bank! Do you have any fun olympic themed snack ideas? Comment below! Better yet, if you decide to recreate this board, tag us! We want to see!

Click HERE to go to our Instagram page and watch a fun video we made! We would love to see you all recreate your own version of this!

Happy Tracking!