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Saturday, Aug 21, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Coach Jeri here! 

We all have heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. However, it’s still the one meal skipped most often, or the meal that people tend to fall into boredom with. Personally, breakfast is my favorite meal! I usually eat something different every morning. Because I consider myself a breakfast connoisseur, I thought it might be helpful to share a few pointers on how to prioritize a healthy breakfast! There are even a few bonus recipe ideas at the end! 

On a normal evening I usually don’t eat after 8:30 pm, so when I wake up I’m hungry. I have found that a lot of people that skip breakfast are night eaters. It seems that if they overeat in the previous evening, they are not hungry in the morning. I’ve even witnessed friends who feel guilty and “punish” themselves by not eating breakfast, because of their large night time meal. There’s no need for that! Everyone deserves a nutritious start to their day! 

Boredom is another reason that people tend to skip breakfast. Many people think you have to eat “breakfast foods” like eggs or cereal. On the contrary- if you vary your routine and think outside the box it will open up a whole new way of enjoying food! One of my successful members once shared how she ate turkey sandwiches, pizza, french toast, and pancakes. Everyone was SHOCKED to hear that she was doing this and losing weight! Because of her diligent tracking, activity levels and mindful portion control- she was able to take a hold of her health and wellness with no regard to what a “typical breakfast should be”!

Substitutions, curiosity and a willingness to experiment makes everything come together for a more enjoyable life experience- diets and food included! Collecting facts and knowledge to try new things leads to satisfaction by finding ways to make it work. Curiosity is a key ingredient to dynamic living. As a type 2 borderline diabetic, I have to watch my carb intake. I love bread and I do typically have it at breakfast. There are many low/calorie low/BITE breads that are perfect for french toast, melted cheese, turkey, peanut butter or eggs. Many years ago I was on a very restrictive food plan and in the back of my mind I kept wondering “how am I going to live without all the foods I love?”. By reeducating my mind that there is a way to have these things- I no longer missed them. 

So yes you can have pancakes and french toast on your weight loss journey! It just takes a bit of creativity! With an open mind, and some intentional efforts- there are many ways to enjoy foods you love while trying to lose weight. Yep- even yummy breakfast foods!

Here a some of my favorites:

Other toast toppings are:

  • Peanut butter and banana (usually 1 teaspoon of PB is about 2 BITES).
  • A packet of low sugar oatmeal (~3 BITES) with 2 egg whites makes a pancake. 
  • Yogurt with 1/4 of fiber one (~1 BITE) or Kashi (~2 BITES) and some fruit also makes a good filling breakfast.

If you eat a good breakfast you won’t be tempted mid morning to have a pastry or donut. THere are tons of simple things you can throw together that won’t break the BITE bank. Two-ingredient bagels, for example (equal parts yogurt and flour). Make it ahead of time and pop into the microwave to enjoy with your coffee and voila! 

I have learned a good beginning to the day with planning and excitement leads to success. Routines are comforting but they can lead to boredom. If you feel yourself failing… try something new! Which also leads to more diligent tracking! The more new things you try, the more you have to input/ research. Sometimes we forget to track because we eat the same thing every single day!  Experiment and be open to shaking things up and find new comfort in delicious healthy foods! Anyone up for a breakfast challenge?

Happy Tracking!