Be, Motivation Strong

Friday, Jul 28, 2023 | Activity, Featured, Lifestyle

In many cases, the critical motivation arrives in a moment of realization. It’s that moment when you can no longer put things off. For me, it happened while I was at a soccer game and saw a photograph of myself in the background, looking miserable and “puffy.” Others may find motivation after a doctor’s visit or receiving test results, struggling to walk a short distance, feeling uncomfortable in tight clothes, or having an upcoming event. I remember hearing a woman say her wake-up call was an emergency situation (911) when she couldn’t reach safety easily, prompting her to prioritize her health.

However, keeping that motivation strong after the initial weeks can be challenging. Many of us are perfectionists, which becomes a heavy burden to carry. It’s crucial to understand that nobody is perfect in everything they do. It’s the mistakes and setbacks that teach us valuable lessons. Instead of giving up when we slip or stumble, learning from those experiences can make a tremendous difference. Most of us are familiar with the basics of weight loss—move more, eat less, track and measure progress. But the key to success lies in our mental mindset.

So, how do we maintain the same level of motivation we had when we first decided to get healthy and lose weight? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Admit the reasons for needing to lose weight. Being honest with ourselves is the first step toward motivation. Without acknowledging the truth, our motivation will wane.
  2. Accept the situation. Once we’ve admitted that this is a matter to be addressed, accepting it as a part of our life is crucial. Acceptance leads to action. By accepting our present health reality, we become ready to take the necessary steps.
  3. Always remember why you want to do this. It might be tough to resist tempting treats at a party, but planning ahead can help reduce stress. Prepare strategies to stay focused even in situations beyond your control. Check the menu, bring something healthy, watch your portions, and, above all, keep track of your choices.
  4. Practice self-talk, just like athletes do. Use positive affirmations and pep talks to reinforce a winning attitude. Believe in yourself and talk yourself into winning the battle against being overweight.
  5. Strengthen your resolve by setting a tangible goal. Consider putting money into a jar, which you can use later to buy new clothes or fund a vacation with exciting new experiences. Having a concrete goal can keep your motivation high.
  6. Trust in your ability to overcome challenges. Life events will disrupt routines, but don’t let them become excuses for straying from your path. Instead, master the art of dealing with unexpected situations and stay committed to your goals.

Remember, the focus shouldn’t be solely on how much weight you need to lose or how long it will take. Time will pass anyway. The real question is how you want to live during that time—positively looking toward the future or burdened with guilt. Past setbacks don’t define your destiny; they are opportunities to learn and grow. Draw motivation from others, experiment with new recipes, and share your successes. Stay persistent, be determined, and let go of the pursuit of perfection; success will be within your reach!”