CARB CONSCIOUS Weight Loss Plan Explained

Friday, Aug 12, 2022 | App Help, Coaches

This write-up is prepared by Head Coach Lisa, to be a quick and easy guide to understanding the CARB CONSCIOUS weight loss plan.



Carbohydrates are a major macronutrient and one of your body’s primary sources of energy. Think of them like gas for your car. Like putting the wrong gas type in your car, putting too much of the wrong type of carbohydrate in your system can lead to problems. This plan is not designed to eliminate carbs but help you lower the amount of simple carbohydrates eaten…it is easy to overdue any aspect of our diets and for members who are wanting help controlling the pasta, bread, potato, rice and savory salty snack portion of their days – this plan is the only one that takes a foods carbohydrate load into consideration when calculating it’s BITES score. This can help you to be more conscious of the carbohydrate choices you are making to fill up your tank.

Simple, refined carbohydrates like those found in many sugary, white flour baked goods, cereals, soda and fruit juices break down quickly, giving us a short burst of energy which can cause a spike in blood glucose levels. Complex carbohydrates, like those found in whole grains and fiber rich fruits & vegetables, digest more slowly helping you feel full for longer, and can actually help manage blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Followed as intended, this plan can be significantly helpful for:

  • Get you burning the right type of fuel for your body to regulate digestion and glucose release
  • Making better carbohydrate and fiber based food choices to keep you satisfied and feeling full for longer
  • Managing Diabetes, Insulin Sensitivity, High Cholesterol, Digestive/Bowel Issues, Cardiovascular Health etc



Each day you have a range of BITES to use. You have DAILY BITES calculated from your individual profile taking into account your age, gender, height, weight and activity levels.

You also have access to a bank of WEEKLY BITES and can earn extra ACTIVITY BITES should you need them. This is in addition to the items on the 0 BITE Food List that you do not need to track but certainly can if you want to follow Calories or your Macros (Protein/Fat/Carbs). Tracking Secondary Metrics is one of the great PRO features available to members.

This plan’s calculations focus on:

  • Total Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Protein

With CARB CONSCIOUS, you have a moderate number of DAILY & high number of WEEKLY BITES in comparison to other Healthi weight loss programs. The minimum range is 26 DAILY + 49 WEEKLY. Weeklies do not decrease as you lose weight on this plan. ACTIVITY BITES are encouraged to be earned in addition to WEEKLY BITES and can be used as needed. Many members find unless they are highly active, they do best using either their WEEKLY or ACTIVITY BITES.

All foods, as shown on the list, are 0 BITES. While all foods still contain calories, these healthy choices do not need to be counted as long as they do not contain any ADDED SUGAR or OILS on the label. Use these as the base for your meals and then utilize your daily BITES to round
your meals out.



0 BITE FOOD CHOICES – While 0 in BITES, they are not 0 in calories. Serving sizes are not limited with these foods but you do need to learn what a reasonable portion is. Most of us can have trouble with “portion distortion”. Make healthy and fresh whole food options the basis for your meals, aiming to balance your plate with ½ meal being various non starchy, high fiber vegetables, ¼ meal being whole grains, starchy vegetables or other complex carbohydrates and ¼ meal being a lean protein.

WHOLE GRAIN VS WHITE FOOD CHOICES – Making the switch from a “white” version of a food can make all the difference. Choose brown rice over white, sweet potato over a white potato, whole grain breads over white breads. All of these simple swaps can have an incredible impact in how your body processes and utilizes these carbohydrates. So enjoy carbs in your meals – just become more conscious of the quality of them and how they impact your health and weight loss.

REACH OUT TO YOUR COMMUNITY – To help you discover great recipes, ingredient swaps, or your next accountability buddy – join our CARB CONSCIOUS group in the Community section of your app to see how other members are finding success on this plan. Follow us on Instagram for daily inspiration and join us on Facebook for weekly meeting details.



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