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Adding Pulses

1/ Side Lunge:

– Alternating legs, step to one side in a wide stance and drop into a side lunge position. Make sure your knee is on the inside of the leg. Once you are as low as you can safely go, add 3 pulses and then step in, tucking the knee up before finally landing in the starting position.

2/ Front Squat with Arm Extension:

– Feet slightly wider than shoulder apart. Drop into a squat position and at the base add 3 pulses. However, when you’re pulsing, extend your arms straight out in front.

3/ Back Fly: 

– Hinge at the hips into a bend position. Make sure your back remains flat as you bend forward, activating your hamstrings. Using light weights, proceed to the back fly 3 pulse position.

4/ Tricep Hinge to Press: 

– This is a great triceps, glute, and shoulder combo. Like the back fly, hinge forward but bring your arms behind you with palms facing up while holding light dumbbells and pulse 3 times. Then fire your glutes by thrusting forward into a standing position while bringing the dumbbells overhead into a shoulder press.

5/ Core Drill: 

– Laying flat on your back, crunch/pulse 3 times straight up, and then on each side.


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