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1/ Squat Knee Raise

Feet shoulder width apart. Squat down as far as your able, but not beyond the knee height. Return to standing positioning and then lift your left knee up towards your right elbow. Repeat, alternating feet.


2/ Sideways Jabs

Feet should be shoulder width a part, and slightly diagonal in stance. Jab directly to the side, using your core and lats. Return to neutral position with your fists under your chin and jab across to the other side. Repeat with a steady motion of about 1 second per jab. Add small weights to increase the difficulty level.


3/ Bent Row

Using the edge of your couch or an elevated sturdy surface that is at least knee to mid-thigh in height. Bend over, with feet staggered. Maintain a flat back position while rowing to your side hip. Complete 10-20 reps on one side before switching to the other side.


4/ Shoulder Circle

Arms come to a full T position, with shoulders activated. Make small shoulder circle for a high rep count or 30 seconds. Once you have completed your rep or time goal then reverse the direction of the circle.


5/ Couch Push-Up Alternation

Using an elevated surface to do a push up on your knees or toes. Chest should come down to the edge of the surface, when you raise back to the starting position adjust your hands in closer by a few inches and tuck your elbows to your side. Alternate back and forth between a wide hand position and close hand position for maximum work on the chest, tris, and shoulders.

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