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Upper Body Band Workout

1/ Band Jabs

– Secure the band at a hip to chest height. With both handles secure, jab straight forward. Step out further to add more tension.


2/ Band Row Curl

– Keep the band mounted at the same point and step back creating tension in the band. Squat with your arms extended forward and when you stand pull the band to your body activating your mid back and rear shoulders. Repeat the same movement but keep the arms extended in front and curl up activating your biceps.


3/ Triceps

– Using a light resistance band, step in the center of the band and bring the band up above the head. With handles tightly gripped, make a fist and point your elbows up to the ceiling. Raise the band overhead straightening your arms, using your triceps to lift the band.


4/ Shoulder T Raise to Circles

– Step in the center of the band. Raise arms to a T-position keeping wrists below the shoulder height. Lower your arms back to your side and repeat. For an ultimate burnout, while in the T-position, activate your shoulders and make circles using the tension of the band.


5/ Bicep and Shoulder Wipers

– Maintain the same stance as above. Raise the band to face height like you’re playing a game of Peak a boo. From this position, open your arms into a “touchdown” position.

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