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Full Body with Dumbbells

1/ Clean Curl Press:
Start in an upright position with dumbbells to your side. Squat, while lowering your dumbbells to about mid shin, then shrug / curl them up to just below shoulder height. At this point, while keeping momentum, raise the DBs overhead. 

2/ Snatch Lunge:
Using one dumbbell, follow the center line of your body, lowering your weight to mid shin centered between your legs, and launch up pulling the weight all the way over head. Lock out the arm and with the same side foot, reverse lunge.

3/ Nordic Track: 
Taking two light dumbbells you are going to create a jab and shuffle movement like the old Nordic track exercise machines 

4/ Plank Press: 
Plank in a 3-point position with one dumbbell. Slowly lift the dumbbell to your side while simultaneously pivoting from your toes to a side collapsed heel position. Then raise the dumbbell straight over head. Repeat for each side

5/ Ground Pounds: 
Using two dumbbells come down to the floor into a one knee kneeling position. You want to Jab at the air pointing down towards the floor, quick, fast, and with precision.

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