Coach Kerri’s 4 Proven Weight Loss Tips and Hacks

Saturday, Dec 31, 2022 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

My 4 Favorite Tips/Hacks that help keep me going strong on my weight loss journey.

Maybe they can help you as well!


Tip/Hack #1- Meal Planning.

I feel that I am much more in control when I have a plan for the week. Helps from the “Oh I don’t know what’s for dinner, how about chicken fingers and fries?” We all have those days when things just don’t go as planned. I may not stick to the meal plan to a T, but I can swap the days around to fit into the week if need be. Sometimes a Monday dinner may not fit but a Wednesday dinner may. I go into more depth in my Meal Planning blog if that sounds like something that may interest you. Plus, I give tips on how that can save time and your wallet so go check it out.


Tip/Hack #2- Meal Prepping.

Life get’s crazy, am I right? I feel that having some things available when I need them. I can’t do the all-or-nothing meal prep. It’s way too overwhelming for me to try to meal prep all three meals every single day. I would waste so much food that way. However, I do prep some things. I like to keep egg muffins, chicken salad (when in the mood), trail mix (I make my own and bag it up in servings), and breakfast wraps. You can freeze the egg muffins and breakfast wraps and just take out what you need and heat them. I like to keep the trail mix readily available and I also keep it in my purse just in case. I’m one of those that go from not hungry to famished in 90 seconds. I keep fruits and vegetables washed and ready to grab at all times. I have tips on how to keep them fresh for longer!


Tip/Hack #3- Fat Swaps.

You can save a lot of calories by swapping out your full-fat items for a lower-fat alternative. Low-fat cheeses, low-fat or skim milk, Low-fat sour cream, or you can even try almond, oat, or coconut milk to make it even lower calories.


Tip/Hack #4- Starch Swaps.

Swapping out your bread and buns for lettuce wraps really drop the calories! There are so many options now that are available but I just usually stick to the lettuce wraps or sometimes tortilla wraps. You can also take tortillas and fry/bake them to use as tortillas or nacho chips. Then, last but not least your potatoes and pasta. You can use cauliflower to replace potatoes and rice items. Now you can even get vegetable or bean-made pasta.


Hopefully, some of these tips may help you out. Every little bit helps, right? What are some things that seem to make things easier for your journey?


Author: Kerri Norris