Coach Kim’s At Home Kickboxing Workout (Week 5)

Monday, Jul 12, 2021 | Lifestyle

Happy Monday Everyone! Ready to Kick it?

Back with week 5 of workouts with Coach Kim…hopefully you’re feeling it by now! Today’s routine will be a kickboxing inspired workout that will hit both cardio and strength-training, an important balance to achieve for weight loss! These moves are easy to do from home- all you need is a little open space and you’re ready to go. Enjoy!

If you want to start with an earlier Coach Kim workout, check out her week 1 mobility workout HERE. Her week 2, mini-band workout HERE. Kim’s week three chair workout, HERE. Or last weeks cardio 40/20 workout HERE.

Let’s see it Kim!

This workout is designed to alternate 40 seconds of kickboxing movements and 20 seconds of bodyweight exercises for 4 rounds.

Jab + Cross

The jab is thrown with your non-dominant hand. Step forward while extending your arm, pulling your fist back quickly to your face. The cross is thrown with your dominant hand, adding a pivot (as if squashing a bug under your dominant foot) to get longer extension.

In/Out Squats

Standing with feet more narrow than hip-width apart, bend your knees and push your hips back in order to come down into a narrow squat. With both feet, jump up and push feet away from each other, landing in a sumo squat stance. Bend Knees and push hips back to sumo squat and jump pulling feet towards each other, landing in a narrow squat. Modification: Step out to sumo squat vs. jumping.


Shift your weight to one leg and bring the opposite knee up. Lean back and push your hips forward, making a stabbing motion with your knee. Bring it back down and repeat with the other knee. Keep your hands up.

Low Plank

Shift down to the floor. Put your weight on your forearms and toes, making sure to align your elbow below your shoulder. Keep your core, glutes, and legs engaged. Take deep breaths and hold this position, making your body as straight as possible. Modification: Drop knees to the ground and keep hips aligned with spine.

Jab + Cross + Knees freestyle

Make your own combinations of the Jab, Cross, and both knees. Make sure you are continuously moving with a soft bend in your knees, weight on the balls of your feet, and hands up.

REST for one minute 

Use this time to regulate your breathing, focusing on slowing it down by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Stretch as needed, and get water. 


Remember to push yourself with these workouts all while reading your own body and doing what you’re comfortable with. And most importantly, have fun! Join us next week as we finish out Coach Kim’s fitness series!