Coach Kim’s Weekly Workout: Upper Body

Friday, Aug 20, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all!! Happy Friday!

You ask, so we’re answering! Coach Kim is back with another 5 weeks of workouts!! This time, she’s separated each week/ video by body area. Over the course of the next 5 weeks, she’ll cover the upper body, lower body, core, cardio, and total body! But first up: upper body!

Take it away, Kim! 

Whose ready to get an awesome Upper Body Workout in today?! Follow along as Coach Kim gives us 5 moves that can be done at home, or taken to the gym. Get ready to sweat!!!
Upper Body Workout 
This workout should be done for reps. Complete 6-10 reps per exercise with a 15-30 second rest. Complete 2-3 rounds. 
Elevated Pushups
Think of yourself standing straight up as a “standing plank”. Now, find a surface like a wall or bench and place both hands on it straight out from your shoulders. Keeping your hands on the wall or bench, take a step back so that your body is still holding that plank position (everything aligned). Engage your core and squeeze your glutes and legs keeping your body aligned. Slowly bend your elbows (your body should form an arrow, not a T), lowering yourself toward the wall or bench. Push away from the wall/bench back into the elevated plank position. Repeat.

Pulldowns with a Mini-band

Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart. Keep your core engaged and your feet parallel throughout the exercise. Place a miniband around your wrists, keeping light tension on the band, raise your arms straight up overhead. Begin pulling down and pressing out, widening your arms as they get lower. Repeat. This can also be done with bodyweight only.
Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart. Keep your core engaged and your feet parallel. Bend your knees, lowering yourself toward the ground. Place your hands on the ground hip width apart just in front of your feet. Slowly walking your hands away from you, lowering your body into a plank. Walk your hands back to your feet and stand up. Repeat.
Tricep Dips
Using a chair, couch, or other elevated surface with an even level, turn your back toward the surface and place your hands on the surface. Bend your elbows and slowly start to lower your body toward the ground. Be aware of your shoulders – don’t let them shrug up toward your ears. Press into the surface and raise your body back up. Repeat.
Press Jacks
Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart. Keep your core engaged. With both hands, holding a weight (or just using bodyweight), press straight up overhead. At the same time, hop your feet out to shoulder width apart. Bring your hands back down and hop your feet back in toward each other to hip width apart. Repeat. Can be done slowly by stepping one foot at a time vs hopping.