Coach Mindy’s Steps for Holiday Health

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. COOKIES!! Yes folks, The holidays are upon us and so are the extra temptations. The holidays can be hard guys, but it’s definitely not impossible. You’re stronger than you realize and with my top three tips in your arsenal, you’re bound to have a much easier time on your weight journey while you’re decking the halls.

Tip #1.

Let yourself enjoy some good food GUILT FREE. Who the heck wants to spend the rest of our lives depriving ourselves during the best food time of the year?? Not this foodie, NO WAY! So stop punishing yourself with deprivation and start planning and budgeting so you can enjoy some of the good stuff. And as anyone who already follows me knows, I do not like to label foods “good” or “bad”. This just makes the “bad” foods more desirable. Instead, allow yourself anything in moderation. One treat meal (or day even) isn’t going to make you fat just as one healthy meal or day isn’t going to make you skinny because it’s not what you do some of the time that matters. It matters what you do MOST of the time. So plan, count, savor, and LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT.

Tip #2.

Remember WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. Create or revisit your WHY statement. Write it out on a post it or note card and put it some where visible and that you will see it multiple times each day. Move it every week so you don’t get used to seeing it all the time and get blind to it. Also, it’s helpful to write out your goals or make a vision board that illustrates your why and how you plan to achieve your goals. I love finding images on Google and making a little collage with them using an app on my phone. I use them as my screen savor or wallpaper. You could also print it out and use with, or instead of your WHY statements. The Healthi Instagram account posts tons of inspiring things too… like this

Tip #3.

If you take any advice I ever give you, let this be it. LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF. We take care of the things we love and if we love ourselves, we will want to do what is best for us. Taking care of ourselves means creating healthy habits and healthy habits lead to NATURAL and PERMANENT weight loss. Tell yourself that you are giving yourself a gift this season, and that gift is putting yourself first. Every time you choose to cook instead of getting take-out, tell yourself that eating healthy foods to nourish your body is your gift to yourself. Every time you take a walk after dinner, tell yourself you are giving yourself the gift of movement so you will be strong, burn calories, and age more gracefully. Do something nice for yourself EVERY DAY. Take bubble baths, meditate, read a book, binge a Netflix series, whatever you’re into and tell yourself your gift to yourself is self-love and you totally deserve all this attention you are giving yourself.

I hope these tips resonate and serve you in some way this holiday season. If nothing else, just know that you’re not alone. For all of the great and wonderful and fun things that happen during this season, there is a lot of hardship as well. There is good to be found in all situations- weight loss at Christmas time is no exception. We can do this, friends! 

Stay Healthi! Happy Tracking!