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Before you begin the workout, set your time goal of performing each exercise: 30sec, 45 sec, or 60secs. Attempt to reach 3 rounds total. 5 exercises, your chosen time length, for 3 Rounds.
Always remember, do what you can, listen to your body, and modify to match your abilities.


1/ Squats

Feet underneath the hips and lower your butt back and down. Imagine that your hands are full of groceries and your trying to close the car door with your butt. Only goes as low as you can.
Intensifier: Hold weight close to your chest as your squat.


2/ Couch Pushups

Using your couch / chair as an elevation to do a pushup. Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulder width. You should be on your knees with ankles crossed. Lower your chest to the edge of the couch slowly and then press up using more power.
Intensifier: No couch, regular pushups


3/ Inchworm

Feet should be underneath your hips. Squat and lower your hands all the way down to the ground. Keep your feet planted but walk your hands all the way out to a plank position then walk your hands back to your toes and stand.
Intensifier: When you get to plank position hold for 3-5 seconds


4/ Can Curls

Using a can of food / bottle of water/ dumbbells you will curl the bicep and the weight up to shoulder then press overhead. Make sure your hands are straight over head and your biceps are in line with your ears.
Intensifier: increase the weight


5/ Crunches

Lay flat on your back. Crunch up and touch your knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground or elevated by using a chair. Don’t let your back arch.
Intensifier: Tuck your feet under the couch or a heavy object and do a full sit up


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